How To Create a One-Page Website

One-pager is a one-page website.
Its main task is to quickly sell a product or service, collect contact details of visitors to form a customer base, convince the user to complete the target action.
This site format allows you to attract as much as possible attention to its subject.
Another benefit of such a website site is that it does not require much time and money to develop it.
The one-page website is well suited for those who produce only one unique product or service and look for the most effective methods to advertise it.

1. How to make a good one-page website fast and inexpensively

Even though creating a one-page site is relatively quick and inexpensive, you can make it even faster, cheaper (and sometimes even for free!), and with less effort.
For this, you should use website builders. Be careful choosing a platform – many large site builders have higher rates, and little-known platforms can provide limited features or poor-quality templates.
To kill two birds with one stone and create a simple but effective website for business, you should try Weblium, the progressive website builder.
It successfully competes with market giants such as Wix or Squarespace (in the sense of some features, it even stays ahead of them), leaving little-known market players far behind.
So, in addition to professional templates created specifically for a certain business niche, Weblium offers a simple visual editor and unique features for customizing the design of templates – both site blocks and individual design elements (forms, buttons, etc.).
This allows you to create truly unique sites, solving the main problem of websites created using templates – after all, they usually look the same! 

2. Tips for creating a stunning one-page website

2.1. First screen

This is the place where your website visitors start their journey of getting acquainted with your unique offer.
It depends on the first screen whether a person will continue reading or leave the website.
You only have 8 seconds to make a good impression.
Therefore, it is important that the first screen clearly reflects the main offer and its benefits.
Also, it is crucial to make a marvellous headline (make it no more than two dozens of words), convincing and essential.
Besides, you should add some convincing subheadings (place one directly under the headline: it should highlight the details of the essence of the headline).

2.2. Call to action

You should really pay attention to this block, ‘cause it makes your visitor perform a target action, and it should hit the bull’s eye!
It is crucial to make this block visible, create an interesting design for it.
If your one-pager is long, use several Call To Action buttons, evenly distributing them throughout the text. The main thing is not to overdo it.
There’s no need to use the same texts for all your CTA buttons, as well as the style of their design.
The main thing is that they all should lead to fulfilling the same goal.
Weblium’s advanced customization options allow you to customize the design of each tiny website element to make it as visible and effective as possible!

2.3. The customer pain relief

These blocks show the customer that you can solve a problem that bothers him.
There are several ways to do it right:

  • indicate what the visitor will lose if he does not buy the product (it’s always nice to get $100, but the disappointment from losing them is much stronger);
  • think about highlighting solutions to customer problems using links to testimonials of your previous customers (real reviews are very efficient at conveying customer’s pain in a most trustworthy way);
  • be sure to clearly demonstrate how you solve customer pain, show that you can relieve it. Your offer should be a pill to relieve his pain – or it should seem to be.


2.4. Project Story

A man working on his laptop.
This block should contain a clear and convincing description of the product or service, a story about its advantages and usage scenarios: tell people how your product works, why and how it will make them happier.

2.5. Images

Images are an important visual component of any website. The visitors get impressed by the beautiful images on your website immediately, even before they start reading the text.
Your images should be:

  • large;
  • high-quality;
  • relevant to your offer;
  • attention-grabbing.

Ideally, you should get professional photographs, but it takes a lot of time and can be quite expensive.
For starters, pretty cool, full-sized, and vibrant pictures are enough.
Weblium offers unlimited access to the platform’s own photo stock even on a free pricing plan, so you don’t have to worry about the visual part of your website.

2.6. Social proof

If you want your words to inspire confidence, reinforce them up with evidence – reviews, publications in the media, cases, warranties, and certificates.
Compelling videos allow one-page sites to increase conversions by 86%.
Therefore, you should add video invitations from the experts, videos with product reviews, or video testimonials to your website.

2.7. Contacts

How To Create a One-Page Website
The most compelling and effective one-page site always contains several ways a customer can use to get in touch with a company – i.e. a phone number, company’s physical and email address, and contact form.
Some sites use pop-ups where customer support provides help to the customer.
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