How Much Does an Online Nursing Degree from Excelsior College Cost?

Designed to fit into a working adult’s budget, the accredited online associate degree program in nursing at Excelsior College is an affordable degree program that offers cost-saving resources for nursing students.

Cost breakdown

The cost to enrol in the online Excelsior College nursing degree program varies depending on if you enrol in the Excelsior course option or the Multi-source option.
The Excelsior course option is for students who plan on earning 12 or more credits through Excelsior online courses before graduation, and the multi-source option is for those who will be earning fewer than 12 credits. 
Below are the costs associated with the Excelsior course option. To learn more about the costs associated with the Multi-source option have a look here

  • Admission Application Fee – $50
  • Enrollment Fee No fee if 12 or more credits are earned from Excelsior College. 
  • Nursing Theory Exams (A total of 8 exams are required. Visit Excelsior College’s Nursing Theory Completion Options Page for additional information.) – $355 per exam
  • Nursing Theory Conference Examinations (NTCX)  (Visit the Nursing Theory Completion Options Page for additional information.) – $615 per NTCX
  • General Education Exams (Credits per exam vary between 1 and 6 credits. Excelsior College offers a range of exams to fulfill general education requirements.) – $110/$355/$470 per exam
  • Online Course Tuition – $510 per credit
  • Focused Clinical Competencies Assessment Exam (More information on the FCCA exam at Excelsior can be found here.) – $380
  • Clinical Performance in Nursing Exam (More information on the CPNE at Excelsior can be found here.) – $2,295
  • Student Services Annual Fee $0
  • Technology Fee (Excelsior College states on their website that this will begin July 15, 2019.) – $20 for each course credit and exam
  • Graduation Fee $495


How to keep costs down

If you plan on enrolling in an online Excelsior College nursing degree program, there are a variety of programs and services offered to students to help control costs. 

  • Financial aid – Many students at Excelsior College receive loans, scholarships, or other types of financial aid. If you’re interested in receiving financial aid, you can start by speaking with a financial advisor or having a look here
  • Payment plans – There are payment plans available that allow students to pay their tuition and/or fees in monthly installments to help working adults stay comfortably within their household budget.
  • Partnerships – Excelsior has partnerships with various employers, colleges, military organizations, and other types of establishments. Nursing students who are affiliated with organizations that have partnered with Excelsior may be eligible for a discount on tuition and other costs. 


Is attending an online university cheaper than enrolling in a traditional school?

Yes, enrolling in an online degree program is typically cheaper than enrolling in a traditional brick-and-mortar college. Online universities have fewer expenses to incur compared to traditional universities.
For example, they don’t have large properties to manage, nor do they have any of the costs associated with paying a large support staff and personnel every month.
This enables online universities the ability to offer cheaper tuition and lower fees to students. With no need to commute, the Excelsior nursing program not only offers students convenience, but it also saves them money by reducing frequent travel for classes and tests. 

Will I get a quality education at a university that offers cheaper tuition?

The cost of a degree does not equal the quality of education a student receives.
Excelsior College is a regionally accredited, nonprofit distance-learning institution that is committed to offering quality online degree programs at an affordable cost. 


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