How An Online Plagiarism Checker Can Save Your Time

If you are wondering how a plagiarism checker can save your time, then you definitely need some answers regarding this query, and so we want you people to understand how these tools can help you and what is their importance.
After reading this article, you will know that these tools not only work to check for Plagiarism, but they also have some other exciting features that a writer should know about.
We want you guys to know where there is some check for plagiarism tools that can help you in getting rid of Plagiarism in no time and can save your time in many other ways, at the same time there are some tools that are not at all reliable and can result in wasting your time.
Imagine that you have used an online check for plagiarism tool to get your content checked and the tool has assured you with its results that the content that you are comparing is unique, now after submission, if your article has Plagiarism then you should know that this can result in a lot of embarrassment and its penalties can in severe cases ruin your career and your professional/academic life.
Out of the number of free and paid tools, there is only a handful of the check for plagiarism service providers which are reliable and accurate and so we will recommend you guys to use one of them.
Below we have mentioned the details of the top best tool on the web, and after reading about it, you would know how to check Plagiarism online.

Check for Plagiarism with smallseotools

How An Online Plagiarism Checker Can Save Your Time
You must have heard about the famous search engine optimization platform, better known as smallseotools.
Well, this platform is very much famous for providing the best services on the web, and the plagiarism checker tool is one of them.
Now, this tool is different from all the other ones on the web, and this is because of its amazing features and simple use.
First, we recommend you read about how the tool works because some people are really confused about how these tools work, so we have given some steps for your guidance.

  1. First of all, open smallseotools on your browser and register yourself with smallseotools so that you can get unlimited and secure services
  2. Once you open up the tool, you will see a very simple interface which would be understandable enough for even a millennial! You will see a text box, and when you see it, you know what to do with it! You just have to simply add some text that you want to compare in it. Now know that the word limit of checking content in one go is exactly one thousand words, so make sure you don’t cross the limit
  3. You can also use the uploading icons to whole input files in the tool from one ago but then again make sure the text does not go beyond the 1000-word limit
  4. If you are finished with adding text, then you just have to click on the CHECK FOR PLAGIARISM button below the box

Now you see how easy the use of the tool is! Now all that is left for you is to know about the features of the tool so that you can get more familiar with it.

Features of the check for plagiarism tool by SST!

We have listed the top features of the tool that will tell you how this tool can save you a lot of time.

  • First, you should know that this is a free tool and can work without any payments, registrations and any other kind of limitations.
  • The tool has a database that is spread over twenty billion web pages, and the number of them keeps on increasing along with the updating of content.
  • The tool uses artificially enhanced algorithms that can help you in the detection of Plagiarism by doing a deep search.
  • It can accept multiple languages and multiple formats of documents, so you don’t have to any longer worry about word formats and the English language.
  • The tool has integrations with URLs, and you can easily add/specify the URL of the page with which you want to compare your content with, and you can also remove the one that you want to avoid.
  • The tool is famous for issuing percentage reports which can authenticate the uniqueness of your content and also can tell you about the exact percentage of Plagiarism and its source in the report.
  • You will also get word press plug-in with this tool so that you can use it online and then.
  • The tool has the best feature, which is known as the article rewriting feature with the help of which you can remove Plagiarism and rephrase the content that is said to be having Plagiarism.
  • This check for plagiarism tool can also check your content for grammar mistakes.

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