Tips for Organizing a Successful Business Launch Party

If you’ve just launched your business, you no doubt need to create some awareness for your new brand. You can invest in social media campaigns, hire Instagram influencers, or even start a mailing campaign.
But the perfect way to do bring clients to your new business is to throw a successful launch party. A launch party introduces new customers to your offerings and helps you build a solid reputation in a new industry.
When you invite the right people to a unique place and give them a night to remember, you’re sure to see benefits for your fledgeling venture.
Read on for some tips on getting your launch party started.

1. Decide on your budget

The first and possibly most difficult step in planning your launch party is deciding on your budget.
Start by setting up a dedicated Excel or Google Sheet to keep track of each line item and its cost. You can later use this spreadsheet to keep track of your payment deadlines, too.
Then, decide exactly how many people you plan on inviting. The number of guests you’re expecting will directly correlate with how much money you should plan on spending.
You can typically count on a higher percentage of RSVPs from local guests, although you should certainly invite out-of-town guests too.
If you haven’t planned this kind of event before, you may want to reach out to vendors to get an idea of what certain items will cost. Prior to this step, you’ll also need to have a fairly clear idea of what date on which you’d like your party to occur.
Contact DJs (or live bands), caterers, venues, suppliers, florists, and other vendors and ask them for a quote for their services, based on the number of guests you’re planning on attending.
Then, input this information into your spreadsheet. This vital information can help you decide what you absolutely must spend money on and what you can do without. 

2. Choose your venue

After you solidify your budget, you can make a decision on your venue. Choose a location that has a unique flair.
For example, if you’re a new publisher, maybe look into renting a historic library’s event space. If you’re a new tech app related to animal care, consider renting a space at the local zoo.
Wherever you choose to host your event, look for that “Goldilocks” factor.  Make sure that it’s not so large that your party looks empty, but not so small that people will feel uncomfortable.
Make sure that your venue is “Instagram”able. Photos taken at your party will act as free publicity, and if the location is interesting, it’s more likely that people will post from it.  

3. Plan your menu

A party’s menu is of paramount importance. If the food is bad, it’s all people will remember. Make sure to work with the caterer of your choice on a custom menu that suits your needs.
You should also consider including allergy and alternative diet-friendly choices.
Before choosing a menu, ask the caterer for a trial run so you can double check that the food will wow your guests, rather than repulse them.
Just as food is of vital importance, so is your bar. If your bar runs out of liquor midway through the night, people will remember the party for sure, but not fondly.
Still, you want to make sure that the entirety of your budget isn’t spent on the bar. Consider pairing with a local liquor store. By working directly with a store, you may be able to get a bulk discount.  

4. Send out your invites

Last but certainly not least, you’ll need to send out your invites. Prior to deciding who should warrant an invite, invest in email marketing leads.
By working with a company that specializes in finding the best potential customers and business partners, you can narrow down your list of potential invitees to the “who’s who” of your given industry.
Inviting some local celebrities will also help draw buzz to your brand and to your party. 
Your business deserves to be welcomed into the world with a celebration. Hosting a party will help you launch your company into the future.


Navrajvir Singh
Navrajvir Singh
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