Our Favorite CSS Design Awards Nominees So Far

CSS Design Awards (CSSDA) is an international award platform that recognizes and honours freelance designers, agencies, and studios in the field of web design. In particular, CSSDA looks highlights work that “pushes the boundaries of UX, UI, and innovative development.”
An international panel of experts determine winners, who are rewarded with certificates, illustrious trophies, and earned recognition among leaders in the industry. Winners also benefit from the acknowledgement of tens of thousands of daily CSSDA site visitors.
There are several awards given to sites, including WOTD (Website of the Day), WOTM (Website of the Month), and WOTY (Website of the Year).
With user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design in mind, we browsed CSSDA nominees to see which sites stood out to us, while paying no mind to the judges’ scores. Below are five of our favourites.

Bluehost Promo Coupon

If crisp, clean, and straight to the point is your kind of design style, Bluehost Promo Coupon’s website will be a pleasurable one to see.
The designers behind this site put the most important thing first: information. Everything you need is right there on a single page. The only navigation required is a scroll.
Because of the cohesive colour scheme and simplistic design, Bluehost Promo Coupon stood out to us as a CSSDA nominee that accurately and effectively represents what the website is all about.
Take a look at their website design by clicking here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/bluehost-promo-coupon/index.html


There is a sensation everyone experiences one time or another when they come across something they wish they had discovered sooner. That’s precisely how we felt the first time we saw Periodicity. This CSSDA nominee is getting much-deserved recognition for site design, user interface, and user experience, by creating a site that we wish we could have had bookmarked in school.
The familiar periodic table is on full display, without a single scroll or zoom required. It’s ultra-responsive, and one click on an element “block” will give you the information for which you are likely searching.
Study up on your elements or glance at the design by clicking here: https://periodicity.io  

Everyday Icing

Everyday Icing is a site that follows perfectly in line with the goal of the company behind it. As a company aiming to bring story time to young readers in a high-tech way, the site immediately piques the interest of minds both young and old.
The design is colourful, with youthful shades that glow against the stark, white background. Navigation is simple, and the overall design encourages you to explore more features of the site, which is likely precisely what the designers envisioned.
Everyday Icing shines as a CSSDA nominee.
You can check their website out for yourself by clicking here: https://everydayicing.com 


It seems a bit obvious to highlight the website of a web design company when discussing awards for website design. That sentence alone seemed repetitive. But Lantern created a site that effectively exhibits the capabilities of its company.
The inviting, yellow glow and warm greeting are simple, yet effective. Navigation is straightforward and creates an experience that is entirely user-friendly. If building clean, professional websites are what Lantern wants to be known for; their company website conveys that objective successfully.
Click here https://www.lanterndesign.com/ to judge for yourself how Lantern’s web design compares to its competitors.

Cuveé Chocolate

If you have ever gazed longingly at a photograph of food, you know all too well the power a single picture can have on your appetite. For a company trying to sell chocolate, their web design certainly doesn’t disappoint. A glance at their homepage will stir up a sinful desire for the very treat they offer. Which is precisely the effect they are hoping for.
Cuveé Chocolate did a spectacular job designing a web page that informs you of their products while simultaneously motivating you to purchase them.
See for yourself just how well you can withstand the mesmerizing effects of Cuveé Chocolate’s site design by clicking here https://cuveechocolate.com.au

Final Thoughts

Exactly what goes into designing the perfect website is majority a matter of opinion. Possibly, more than anything, ease of navigation is essential for positive user experience. However, it’s entirely up to the designer to determine what will engage site visitors.
The five CSSDA nominees highlighted above were selected by us because they stood out at first glance. After all, first impressions make all the difference.


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