Page Turners: The Best Graphic Novels to Buy

Still looking for that perfect graphic novel? We bring you three action-packed novels that guarantee a good read.

1. Poppies of Iraq

The novel is an autobiographical tale of a childhood in Mosul, amid the tragedies of Iraq.

Brigitte Findakly, having grown up on Arab soil, recalls the moments in which she watched her homeland go haywire under changing dictators.

Findakly’s husband acclaimed cartoonist Lewis Trondheim, tells these stories in the form of minimalistic yet vivid cartoons.


2. My Favorite Thing Is Monsters

Touted as the best graphic novel of 2017, My Favorite Thing Is Monsters by debutante author and illustrator Emil Ferris delves into the world of 10-year-old Karen Reyes, and is set against the political landscape of Chicago in the 60’s.

Using ballpoint pen drawings on a ruled diary, Ferris creates an astounding narrative – both verbal and visual – that asks difficult questions about race and culture.


3. Wonder Woman Vol. 1: The Lies (Rebirth)

Princess Diana of Themyscira, also known as Wonder Woman, finds herself in a dilemma. Her Lasso of Truth has failed her, and she is in search of answers.

She has no choice but to team up with her nemesis, Cheetah.

Pick up this graphic novel by Laura Martin to find out what lies ahead in Wonder Woman’s quest for her origin.


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