What are the Different Ways to Earn PDU’s for ITIL Certifications?

Just getting a certification ITIL is not enough, rather it is important to update it from time to time in order to stay updated all the time.
It is important to stay updated so that you do not stay back in comparison to other candidates in the race. The world is moving out quite fast and hence it is very much needed for you also to match up with the pace. In order to do so, it is highly important to be aware of the latest trends and also to stay updated with them. 
PMI offers this option to the individuals who have already taken up the certification of ITIL. In the case of CAPM, it is not much necessary to earn the PDUs as it does not require updating your certification quite often. The individuals just need to take a test every five years to renew their certification.
In case of other ITIL® Certification and others, renewing the certification and updating your skills by earning PDU becomes highly important.
There are two different types of PDUs that can be earned and these are ‘learning’ and ‘giving back’. There can be some of the easiest ways that can help individuals in earning PDUs for both cases. 

Earning PDU Through Learning

In the case of this, individuals can earn a minimum of 35 and a maximum of 60 PDUs. There are some of the easy ways that can help in earning them. 

1. Studying

One of the best and most efficient ways no doubt is to study. The candidates can go for various studying options such as books, whitepapers, and different articles.
There are so many sites available where the candidates can get subscribed to receive alerts about different articles being published and various whitepapers being released.
There are also various options for books that are available online. Individuals can go through such books, articles, and whitepapers to gain higher knowledge and to stay updated with the latest details and information on PMI and ITIL. 

2. Informal Discussion

Sometimes discussions with employees and other experts can also help in gaining a huge amount of information and knowledge about ITIL courses and relevant areas.
So, getting involved in such a discussion can also benefit the individuals in a huge way. It is not necessary that the discussion has to be on a professional front has to be a formal one.
Having a healthy discussion with the right and knowledgeable people on the topics can also help in benefitting the individuals in staying updated with the latest happenings and earning PDUs.

3. Self e-learning

There are so many ways how a person can keep on learning. Apart from learning from books, there are webinars and podcasts that are one of the finest ways for those who do not wish to spend time on seminars.
What the individuals need to do is simply get registered for a webinar event online and attend it on the scheduled time. There are so many such webinars that take place especially for such candidates who wish to earn PDUs.

4. Organizational Meetings

Networking with the seniors and other individuals are also quite helpful in letting the individuals know about a number of things in ITIL field. Such organizational meetings are also helpful in benefitting the individuals in learning new and latest updates about ITIL and learn new measures that can be fruitful in the future ahead.
Earning PDUs through such organizational meetings is hugely held fruitful for such candidates who are professionals and are looking forward to new opportunities in life.

5. Training Course

Learning is an ongoing process; hence it is never late for an individual to get trained in a particular course. When you are an ITIL professional also, it is a great idea to attend small training sessions that are beneficial in enhancing your skills and upgrading them in the process.
Earning PDUs through this process also helps you in gaining certifications that offer you great benefits by getting attached to your resume. When interviewers have a look at your resume with such certifications, they definitely consider you worthy enough in comparison to other candidates who are not as certified as you are.

Earning PDU Through Giving Back

To earn PDUs through the process of Giving Back, you can tend to earn a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 25 out of 60. There are a few of the simple ways of how individuals can earn PDUs through the Giving Back process.

1. Working as a Practitioner in Project Management

This is one of the best ways to give back to the industry by working as a practitioner in project management such as a project manager.
The individuals can show up their capabilities and in return can also know about the new skills and functions that can be beneficial for them to earn PDUs and also get updated in the field of ITIL. 

2. Creating Content

There are many of the individuals who love to create contents for various online sites that help in creating learning resources.
There are so many such individuals who become the author of a particular book that can be a helpful resource for other individuals who are in the learning process and are aspiring to become an entry-level ITIL expert. 

3. Giving Presentations

Learning is not only about absorbing the knowledge from others; it is also about giving out the knowledge and learning from the mistakes conducted.
Giving out presentations is one of the ways that can help individuals in learning new things and staying updated with the latest trends. This helps in a huge way in earning PDUs by giving back to the industry. 

4. Coaching Other Juniors

Giving back to the industry can be also done by coaching up the peers or the juniors in your organization.
Also, there are individuals who take the initiative to coach up other individuals at different places too and in the process; they also tend to learn a number of things such as learning new approaches and new ways to stay updated so that they can train up the individuals in the right way. This is a great option to earn PDUs by giving back to the industry. 

5. Volunteering for PMI

When you have achieved the master’s level in ITIL certification, you also get this possibility to volunteer for the PMI by becoming a member of the board of directors at PMI.
In this way, you can give out to the industry by contributing a bit in the certification of other individuals in ITIL Course and other courses. 
ITIL is a continuous process as the IT industry is evolving slowly and steadily. There are more advancements soon in the industry and hence it is important for the certified candidates to stay updated with the latest trends so that they can stay up and match up with the industry specializations and standards.
This helps them in getting better opportunities globally and also in earning a good amount of salary package each time.
In order to have a better standard of living and becoming a professional in ITIL grounds, it is a good idea to earn PDUs and update the certifications each time without delay. This offers a huge benefit in the long run of the individuals in maintaining a great career. 


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