5 Common Perks Your Company Could Offer Employees 

Employees are the backbone of any company, and when they are not happy, they’re not productive. You can’t please everyone all of the time, but there are a few things you can do to keep morale high and motivation levels consistent. Benefits packages are one way of helping to reward employees for a job well done. Not all companies can afford to provide large schemes with lots of benefits. However, some options also benefit businesses in tax relief. 

Take a look at some of the options you could incorporate to give your employees some extra perks for the job.


Subsidized meals and drinks

Having a place that employees can meet on breaks can help boost morale. If staff always sit at their desk, this is unhealthy for wellbeing, and in the afternoon, you could see a slump in productivity. To get everyone together and interacting with other people during breaks, offering a subsidized lunch option could help. Buying food and making lunches at home is an extra cost to employees, and having this small subsidy will boost positivity and give them some extra cash in their pockets. 


Eye tests and aftercare

Employers should provide eye tests if your staff are using display screen equipment (DSE). However, unless an individual requires a prescription for this use, employers do not have to pay for glasses. In this case, if you have employees that wear them all the time and require them for outside of VDU use, you may also opt to pay for them too. There is a range of eyecare schemes for employers that provide eyecare vouchers so employees can access eye health appointments and prescriptions. 


Cycle to work scheme

To improve the health and wellness of your staff, offering a cycle to work scheme could be beneficial. This scheme allows an individual to get a new bike to use for work commuting and promotes exercise at the same time. The individual will be able to access bicycles and pay back over some time and enjoy a tax benefit of it. 


Employee referral bonus

5 Common Perks Your Company Could Offer Employees 

If you have good staff members and they also know people that would be suitable for any jobs you have available, offering a referral scheme is a great idea. This works on the basis that the employee gets a monetary bonus for referring a new member of staff after they have completed their probationary period. This method can save on recruitment costs in the long term, so the bonus given outweighs this expenditure. 


Company events

Bringing everyone together is a great way to boost morale in the company. An easy way to do this is by running company events such as team building days, meals outs, and fundraising events. You could do this annually or more frequently, depending on budgets, and this can help to get everyone interacting and socializing outside of the work environment. Don’t forget the Christmas party too, as everyone loves dressing up for a great evening with work colleagues.


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