Popular Dating Apps In India | 2019 Updated

Cupid now operates online and you’re likely to find him getting up to no good on these Popular Dating Apps In India.

#1 Tinder

With over 50 million active users, Tinder is without a doubt the world’s most popular dating app. Its unique algorithm and the extremely user-friendly and playful interface makes the app a big hit with users.

We couldn’t leave out the founder of the ‘swipe right’ revolution from this list now, could we?

Also, you can choose to have your profile discovered by new people or stay in touch with your existing matches.

Free on Android and iOS.


#2 Hinge

In September 2016, Hinge moved from being a casual dating app to focusing on helping people build serious relationships.

Now known for the high level of discretion that it offers its users, the app makes it necessary for you to have a mutual friend on Facebook with your probable match.

Though this may limit your dating options, the makers believe that it helps you find a more meaningful, trustworthy connection rather than just a series of casual dates.

The app also has a time frame within which you have to text your match, or else it automatically unmatches you.

Free on Android and iOS.


#3 Woo

Woo takes the security and anonymity of its more than 200 million users very seriously.

Matches are made based on mutual interests and you can only see the initials of the person till you are matched with them.

Woo also lets you add a small voice note to your profile for a personal touch. The best part though?

With LinkedIn integration, Woo lets you find matches from a specific profession more easily.

Free on Android and iOS.


#4 TrulyMadly

With privacy settings that ensure the safety of your images, and the option of increasing your trust score through endorsements by friends and linking other social media apps to your profile.

TrulyMadly has come to be a very popular dating app in India. Every profile comes with ratings and reference checks.

While profiles don’t give away names, they list age, salary, job and mutual interests to help you get past that awkward first stage.

The TrulyMadly Scenes feature helps you with ideas on where to go for that much-anticipated first date.

Free on Android and iOS.


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