Recline Right

How do you choose a reclining chair that’s high on comfort as well as on style? Keep in mind these three important tips.


After a long, hard day of balancing hectic schedules on both the work and home fronts, there’s nothing like sinking into a cocoon-soft chair and putting your feet up. And what better way to do that than with a reclining chair?

Since this versatile piece of furniture can be an expensive and long-term purchase, it’s important to choose the right one.

Here’s how to select the best from the rest:

Tip 1: Pick the right type

While there are several types of recliner chairs out there, it’s important that you base your buy on your personal preferences.

Bert, by Durian, is a single-seater motorized lift-up and recline. It comes with a flap on the right side to house the remote for the recliner.

A one-touch wonder, it provides the perfect recline and operates without noise. It also has a nifty TV remote holder for binge-watching your favorite shows.


Tip 2: Material matters

When it comes to reclining chair materials, leather and fabric are the most popular choices. Leather works as a better option since it’s durable, easy to maintain and classy.

The Bert is upholstered in soft-touch ‘Nappa Aire’ leather. The soft-paneled back with premium foam sink-in cushions provides the ultimate comfort.


Tip 3: Size wise

The recliner should be able to accommodate the weight and height of the user. The seat shouldn’t be too small, and your legs should touch the floor when you are seated.

Bert is a fully motorized sit-stand that has been designed for everyone in the family.

Simple to use, it’s particularly comfortable and convenient for pregnant women and the elderly.


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