Renowned Signs of Genius Which Delineates you

What are the signs of genius? Does everyone think about how to be a genius? Why people are geniuses and I am not? Are they geniuses from birth? What do they eat for being geniuses or it is god gifted?

Catalogs of questions arise when we talk about Genius.

Usually, we heard about some famous geniuses names like Galileo Galilei, Albert Einstein, and many more. Their high intelligence proves them as geniuses. It doesn’t mean that common people can’t be geniuses. They were also common people.

Do you ever tried to know you are a genius or not? You know, some symptoms proved that a person is Genius or not.

I will tell you some signs of Genius which are shared by many people. If one of those signs you carry then it will prove you much endogenous than you thought about yourself.

Secretly you are a genius but you don’t know.

“When a true genius appears in this world, you may know by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”- Jonathan Swift

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Signs Of Endogenous Personality (Genius)



Overthinking is a common problem can found in many of them. Yes, It is true that a person who thinks more on a single topic or related to their queries of what to do? what is that? what can I do?

Not only these questions, even on senseless topics like massages you receive, but a person from you are also attached, on some silly conversations overthinking may occur.

Overthinking gives you exact solutions to each question it increases the activeness of your mind.

Dark Past

Dark Past

I don’t think so that on this planet there is anyone who doesn’t have a bad past. It can be in any form like cheating, failure, heartbroken or more. For forgetting that past some of them start taking alcohol and drugs.

This addiction is a bad sign of imperfection but a person who is addicted to alcohol, caffeine, drugs are given a sign of genius.

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I Am Wrong

A person who is not afraid of accepting mistakes is also a sign of genius. Genius never failed to accept any faults or errors if they do they accept.

Everyone doesn’t accept mistakes but the person who is comfortable in accepting mistake give them a sign of genius.

Solution Finder

Solution Finder

When a person is actually a genius he/she knows how to find different solutions for different problems. They take the right decisions for problems or arguments instead of arguing with them or get stuck in that situation. Solution finder is also a sign of Genius.



Most people don’t like to sit idle and if they have paper or pen in hand then it is impossible to sit idle they will draw continuously even if it is meaningless or of no use. Even there is no need for colorful pens or big paper on a piece of paper also they can create many drawings.

Little Messy

These kinds of people never like to live in a systematic manner. People who keep their shelves, desk, rooms messy are also given an indication of genius. So, if you don’t clean your room or desk so congratulation is messy always.

Not So Socialized

Not Socialised

Have you ever seen those people who love to be alone in a crowd of 1000s of people also? Even they don’t love to party, entertainment if they do then they get bored early and easily

They avoid meetups, interactions, parties, socializing. They love to be alone instead of wasting time on others.

So, If you also get bored quickly and easier then you can call yourself Genius.

Book Lover

Book Lover

Yes! Yes! I know reading books is too boring and very few people have this quality. So sad it’s a characteristic of genius a person who searches books and novels dedicatedly for reading.

If you spend your weekend with novels instead of wrecking with friends so you are a person who has the sign of genius.

Day Dreamer And Night Thinker

Day Dreamer

I am also one of them daydreamers and night thinkers. I think so a person can work more efficiently and productively in the night rather than day. They are like nights owls who work at night and sleep at daytime

There is no issue to see dreams in a day or living in a world of fantasy. Daydreamers are better than night dreamers. You follow your own rules you don’t like to be part of the crowd

You are Funny


Being funny or making someone laugh is the best part of a person. Everyone loves to spend time with those who are funny might be your dead jokes also make them laugh or some jokes are not understood by others even then also they love your company

Some of you are thinking about how can a funny person is a genius. It is truly funny people have the quality to crack their own jokes.

So, Funny people congo you have a sign of genius.



These were the signs of genius now it’s your turn to overlook those signs and compare yourself with them. If you carry these signs then it will prove that you are also a genius. Then think about yourself because it’s like that we even don’t know about our own abilities and powers. Go ahead and know yourself.


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