RevRise Form Analytics

Online web forms are something we deal with every once in a while. But think about this: how many times did you come across registration forms or shopping carts that discouraged you from taking actions on the website being too long, complicated, incomprehensible and what not? In fact, the form may be the only dialogue you have with your customer. Bad user experience reduces retention rate dramatically and minimizes sales. RevRise is a Swedish company that is there to help you get the user on your side.
It provides thorough form analytics and suggests relevant improvements.
RevRise Form Analytics
For example, the well-known service from the field of restaurant booking app development OpenTable also uses analytics and forms in its platform.
We got interested in RevRise startup experience and Jonas Arnklint, a co-founder of the company, gave us an interview.
Here is our conversation.
RevRise Form Analytics
We: Picked from your website: “We believe that online forms are the places where the real action from users take place”. Sounds very persuasive. How did you come up with the idea of web form analytics?
Jonas: It started when I was about to move to Stockholm, Sweden. When you move somewhere in Sweden, you need to change the address and basically everyone who changes the address needs to fill in a form to declare the new address. I had quite a few problems filling it in so I ended up being both frustrated and having to call the support. I spent about 20 minutes in line for support, just to tell them to correct my address declaration. And then, I thought to myself that if all these people are forced through by a form like this, no wonder they have to spend resources supporting it. What if they knew about the problems? Then they could simplify and make it so much better for so many people.
We: Let’s say I am a bit puzzled. Two forms I have created seem to be seamless, but I need to choose the only best one. Is it possible for RevRise to perform A/B web form testing?
Jonas: As of now, you can test two versions at the same time by tagging them with two names. Most likely will A/B testing functionality be implemented in the product in the future.
We: Congratulations on joining the FastForward program! How did it happen? Was it a challenging thing to do? Are you looking into attracting any other sources of investments into your project?
Jonas: Thanks, we are really pleased with the Fast Forward program this far. We basically applied and got a spot after competing with about 80 other companies. We were pretty confident in the problem and the solution we have so we just tried and did it. Right now, we are putting all of our efforts into helping more customers improve their conversion rates and user experiences.
We: Jonas Karlsson in the interview to Swedish Startup Space says: “One common thing our customers share is that they are rather big enterprises with their highest turnover online.” I wonder who the early adopters of your product were?
Jonas: The earliest customers were businesses that we had a history with before. They liked the idea and we proved value to them that we built a product on top. We’ve helped both larger national brands as well as international ones. 
We: Growth Hacking! Just can’t skip that one. Are there any products in the world whose growth hacking strategy you particularly approve?
Jonas:  Wow, a great question. I think that Dropbox is a good example. They initially had a marketing budget but decided to throw that away and build a “reach” strategy into the product by giving the ability to the users to spread it. The nice thing with that was that both the user who spread the product as well as the receiver would gain from it. Both in a really good experience with a new product as well as in increased storage. This boosted their reach dramatically.
We: “RevRise wins 100 000 SEK for the hottest startup on Internet Discovery Day!” Great! You seem to be doing the right things right. What do you see RevRise delivering in the future?
Jonas: We will continue improving our offer with Form Analytics and try to really scale it during the next year. With the insights from Form Analytics, our customers will continue to improve their conversion rate and user experience. We’ve kept our customers close, to be able to monitor needs for features and product development and will continue doing that.
We: Relevant feedback rules! What can you say about the success of your new product InputHQ
Jonas: InputHQ is not currently open and will continue to stay closed only used by a few close customers until it is ready.
We: You could’ve named the company Jonas&Jonas, kinda like Johnson&Johnson. Just kidding:) What is your usual RevRise workday like?
Jonas: Haha, yes there is definitely a problem having two founders named the same. Every time someone at the office asks for Jonas, both of us tend to answer 🙂
Every day is quite unique. We are usually at the office at 9 answering e-mails and helping customers gaining insights in their forms. Right now, we are really trying to focus all our energy to provide the best help we can for the customers while improving flows.
At around 12 we eat lunch together at the office and after that, it is time for the daily ping pong game. Jonas K would tell you that he usually wins, but he is just joking. I´m always the winner! Well sometimes anyway.
During the afternoon/evening, we tend to drink a lot of coffee, to keep up with the tempo and continuing support/dev.
We: Never know until you try. What was the most important lesson you learned during the startup process?
Jonas: Another great question! Persistence pays off. No matter what you do. Also, it really helps to look at things positively. Your feelings will go a bit like when you ride the roller coaster, so having a positive spirit and caring of one and others feelings is super important. Your co-founder will be your best friend/colleague and partner and plays a really important role in your life.
We: Finally, do you have any motto you love and try to keep to?
Jonas: To add to the earlier one: “You never know until you have measured”.
Jonas, thank you for a nice conversation!  Best wishes to RevRise and lots of success to you guys!
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