SaleSource Review: Improve Insights, and Increase Leverage Across the Dropshipping Industry

Today, we’ve decided to write an unbiased, honest review of SaleSource. We’ve taken a deep look at the tool’s associated features and dashboard.

After weighing up the pros and cons of this software, we’ve created this review discusses SalesSource, what is offers, and how it fares.

For e-commerce stores and online businesses, insights and metrics are important.

From crafting sales emails and click funnels, to analyzing the analytics behind your product traffic, these insights help thousands of business owners to track the day to day performance of their storefront.

For dropshipping eCommerce businesses, metrics and insights matter the most.

From fine-tuning emails and messages to tracking down the quality of your product traffic, these insights help companies and business owners to track your storefront’s day-to-day performance.

Insightful data is the building block that can influence the marketing, decision-making, and planning of an organization.

By using these analytical and market research tools, marketers can tailor recommendations and enhance the buying experience of their audience.

These tools can help you to understand your store’s performance and overall health. All you must do is analyze the data through and cut your competitors short.

Tools like SaleSource tell us what’s working and what’s failing on our e-commerce platform, so we can improve marketing, increase conversions, and attract more customers.


SaleSource Review – Securing Products for your Dropship Store

SaleSource is an AI SaaS eCommerce platform that has become incredibly popular with eCommerce and drops shippers.

The platform helps to boost online shopping conversations, giving merchants insightful information which can be used to improve their bottom line

This piece will offer a comprehensive review of SaleSource, the most widely used and popular market research tool for dropshipping entrepreneurs.

First, we’ll discuss its pros, cons, features and other attributes that make this tool so excellent.


SaleSource: Introduction

SaleSource offers a full-service marketing tool and SaaS platform and marketing tool that empowers business to grow their revenue and expand their business.

Offering trend evaluation and competitor comparisons, SaleSource gives merchants a range of options in identifying saleable products that are in-demand across the world.

This application is fully AI-powered and integrates with Shopify and other leading e-commerce platforms.

This application is particularly useful for marketers that source their inventory from AliExpress, boasting an inventory of 1.5 million top products. SalesSource also integrates four significant components:

  • Sales Centre
  • Store Centre
  • Product Centre
  • Marketing Centre

Marketers can complete a variety of tasks using SaleSource, including:

  • Finding highly-rated online suppliers
  • Discovering the most profitable locations for a specific product(s)
  • Sourcing  products that are current bestsellers
  • Using market data to determine the  virility of products
  • Delving into competitor statistics to discover their revenue and identify their top products.
  • Comparing product price ranges among top-rated suppliers

As you can see in the screenshot above, the dashboard includes all the elements of the SaleSource platform sitting on the left in an orderly fashion. We will be discussing these features one-by-one.


Chrome Inspection

SaleSource offers a fantastic chrome inspection tool to all subscribers.

It’s a fantastic extension to the browser which gives merchants the option to analyze the products of their competitors.

This extension is automatically triggered as soon as a web user opens a page that contains product listings.

The Chrome extension also provides product pricing, supplier details, product specifications, and a sales chart for all Salesource users.

The information is invaluable as it can work as an honest real-time market research tool for e-commerce solopreneurs or marketers.


Platinum Services

These work as a paid add on a provider that can be used on-demand to improve the performance of your store.

The platinum service provides tools for logo creation, the ability to set up Google analytics, store reviews, and tools to fix errors or bugs.

Users have the option to peruse a vast catalogue of platinum services. Click on any service to be taken through to their landing page for more information.

Once you’ve read through all the information and details regarding a service, as well as the pricing structure, the services can be purchased with just a click.


Product Center

Product Analyzer

Using this tab, active merchants can run an in-depth analysis of some of the products they want in their stores.

The SaleSource Chrome extension can also help to import or upload an image of a product.

The product analyzer is one of SaleSource’s best assets as it takes time out of manual searching for a single item by a long shot.

Sellers can use this feature to reveal crucial information from all of their competitors, their products, locations, current sales, and more. This section includes several helpful tabs. These include:


News and Trending

This tab includes a list of the latest popular products and is updated twice every day.


Best Sellers are sorted by niche

This tab sorts products into specific subcategories. Offering product types, descriptions, and locations.


Bestsellers all the time

The best selling products of all time offer data on pricing, sales, potential sales, and much more.

By clicking the heart icon, users can save products for additional analysis and viewing.

This is another tab featured in the product centre that offers valuable insights and data on potential sales product prices, sales totals, and more.


Store Center

Store Center is a fantastic element of the SaleSource eCommerce platform. It has some fantastic sections including, Store Analyzer, Top Stores,  Store Checklist, and Store Tracker.

The ‘Top Stores’ feature offers a list of some of the most successful stores on Shopify. The list gets updated once every week, and there are three buttons beneath this feature:

  • View Best Sellers’
  • ‘Analyze Store’ and
  • ‘Track Store.’

When users decide to ‘View best sellers’ information,  the top-listed stores are revealed, along with their estimated revenue statistics.

Analyze Store teaches users how long a competitor has been operating, the amount of traffic they receive, and the apps that they use to remain successful.

‘View best sellers’ brings up a list of the top stores, alongside their estimated revenue statistics.

For those who are undertaking detailed marking research, the Analyze Store option also offers traffic information, and how long the business has been operating.

Using the feature merchants can access and analyze sales estimate of the store, best selling products, ad campaigns, apps used and the theme used, etc.

You can see that the feature provides merchants with a way to get through the top listed stores according to the most important statistics.


Marketing Center

This SaleSource’s element comprises features including Product Video Finder, Facebook Video Ad Finder, and product Traffic Checker.


Facebook Video Ad Finder

As the name implies, the feature contains top-performing marketing videos that will give you an idea about marketing campaigns.

Learn from the videos from the best sellers and use them as inspiration.


Traffic Checker

Traffic Checker feature, as the name suggests, provides information on visitor traffic.

The traffic can be further sliced according to the specific product page every hour, day, or week. This is probably the fastest way to access crucial info about user footfall on the store.


Sale Center

The sale center comprises a number of training videos that will help eCommerce merchants to learn how to use SaleSource to find winning products that sell and view competitor products.

They are available in three pricing brackets $49, $99 or $299 per month. Currently, you can analyze 50 products per month for paying $49. Similarly, the price goes up to $99 for 200 products and 1000 products for the $299 plan.

In case you need support for critical sourcing help, you can choose the professional or elite plan to access the SaleSource’s in-house team support. With the elite plan, users are allowed to have delegate access, virtual assistants.


SaleSource Pricing

Now we are looking into the most important part of our SaleSource Review. It’s the price. The tool is available with three pricing plans that can be paid monthly or yearly.

In addition, a free trial plan is also available that gives users full access to the software with the ability to scan five products.

Its monthly essential plan is available at $69/month that gives access for 1 user to 1,500,000+ products.

Other features that you can access in the plan include new trending products daily, personal product feed, competitor intelligence, competitor ad campaigns and product description generator etc.

If you pay annually for the plan, the effective price for the plan comes at $29/month. Tool’s Elite plan brings all available features for up to 5 users.


SaleSource Review: Our Verdict

We precisely feel that SaleSource is a tool worth implementing. Especially its store tracking and market competitor analysis feature are the game-changers. Analyzing competitors and best selling products hadn’t been that easier.

Just input your competitors URL into SaleSource and access key insights into their most valuable products, estimated revenue, and other important information.

In addition, all other features that we have explained above can help you grow your store exponentially. That’s all with our SaleSource Review.

If you have just launched your dropship store and looking for an analytics / SaaS tool to measure metrics and grow, SaleSource is a perfect alternative.

At $69 per month, it’s a great deal. Purchase your subscription now and give it a try. As we also have tried and tested it. It won’t disappoint you.

You can sign up by clicking here.


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