How To Select Wallpaper For Your Office

Boring walls, gloomy atmosphere, dull ambiance- does it all sound familiar?

Yes, your office is highly functional and oh-so-practical but is it motivating? Do your walls feel as if they are closing in on you rather than providing inspiration and ideas?

Looks like its time you did something about it. Life is colorful and work definitely doesn’t have to be boring.

Believe it or not, the general spirit of the office is vastly affected by the wallpapers you choose for your office.

Selecting the right wallpaper can change the whole game.

Now you’re probably wondering How To Select Wallpaper For Your Office… read on to find out what will suit your needs- from flowery patterns to elegant geometric designs, we bring a complete guide to make sure your working day is a doodle!


Why do I need a wallpaper?

With wallpapers being an essential part of the overall design of any space, it becomes crucial for you to pay close attention to the details of your office.

Wallpapers have the ability to bring focus or distract an individual.

They can either help you achieve your goals or be the reason for your lack of motivation at work.

Selecting the right wallpaper is the secret and it begins with thinking about who it’s for and what’s their purpose.


Who is this wallpaper for?

Ever wondered why your tiny cubicle with grey empty walls barely motivates you but you feel highly energetic and ideas flow into your head when you get a chance to sit down in your VP’s plush office?

That’s because they took extra care to the details and they knew the importance of wallpapers.

If you’re constructing a new office or getting the old one renovated, then it is important for you to understand who the wallpapers are for and what purpose they will serve.

Your wallpaper will be different for every scenario- you will use a different wallpaper if you intend to host meetings and a different wallpaper if you don’t.

This consideration plays a vital role while setting up an office for one simple reason: you must know whether you’re creating something exclusively for yourself or you are creating something to attract others.

If you are creating a space that is client-friendly and looks like a branded office, then make sure the colors, shapes, and patterns align with the company’s brand.

For instance, you should choose a geometric pattern if you are from a science or a geometric background.

On the other hand, you can go a little whimsy if you are on the whimsy side or you can just go crazy with colors if you are in the creative field.

Therefore, select wallpaper for your office that goes with the overall idea or brand.


Are you a Thinker?

It sounds silly but your wallpapers will again differ on the type of thinker you are.

For instance, if you have an office at home, then you only have to think about yourself while if you have a huge office, then you have to think about everybody.

Apart from that, you must know the type of person you are- if you get distracted easily then go for muted shades rather than going for a vibrant yellow or a fiery red wallpaper.

Always remember, that colors have an enormous impact on the way we humans think. Green and blue are associated with serenity while colors like orange and yellow help in boosting creativity.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot have a say in choosing the wallpapers, you just have to select the right kind of wallpaper and your work will be a breeze.


But why do I need a wallpaper?

Gone are the days when wallpapers were just used to cover empty walls, wallpapers are now an extension of you– they reflect your style and say a lot about who you are as a person.

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing (or not) a wallpaper has the power to bind the entire room together depending on the texture, style, and color.

Office wallpapers help you customize your environment to create the ideal productive atmosphere for your work.

In fact, you must see office wallpapers as a fantastic tool as they can transform your space in an instant.

Select a wallpaper for your office after keeping these points in mind.

As inane as it might sound, wallpapers are a very powerful element- they can make space look smaller or bigger, can either motivate you or demotivate you.

Whatever look you decide to go for, just choose wisely.


Why are wallpapers a better option?

  1. Economical

Wallpapers come in all types of designs and patterns to suit your budget.

The best part about choosing wallpaper is that the overall cost is lesser than for instance, painting that space.

Also, selecting wallpapers is inexpensive, unlike painting, as you don’t have to whitewash the sample space.


  1. Extensive Choice

With a vast variety from Indian to imported, flowery patterns to chic designs; wallpapers give you ample choice and provide a huge scope for creativity, fusion, and art.

You have so much to experiment with- the theme, design, pattern, and colors -and choose something that represents your style.

Understand how the professionals do it
Understand how the professionals do it

Here are some professional tips that will guide you and help you answer the question of how you can select wallpaper for your office:

  1. Understand that Theme and Interconnection are the keys

While the selections and suggestions of a professional interior designer might seem random at first, you, later on, realize that they were crafted to suit your personality and work.

However, not all of us can (or want to) hire an expert. That shouldn’t stop you from selecting the best wallpaper, though.

Thoughtfully choose colors from within the patterns and take care of the fact that nothing looks overwhelming.

With that being said, it seems obvious that you cannot go over the top with your creative side.


  1. Start with a pattern (or two)

Start with a pattern with something that you can connect to- it might even be a wallcovering pattern that you absolutely cannot live without- start with it.

If the pattern that pleases you is demure or understated then your colors should be muted.

However, if you feel brave enough to opt for bolder patterns, then your colors must align with your predominance, but the balance might elude you.

Even if your wallpaper has a mild pattern that has little splashes of bold in it, then you must steer clear of using those colors as your base or dominant colors.

Instead, use those hues to hold out the contrast and accent pieces.

And while you’re at it, we suggest you keep in mind the furnishings that you plan to use in that space.

Streamlined and simple furnishings work well with bolder wallpapers while fussy and ornate furnishings look appealing with muted wallpapers.


  1. Start with a color

Of course, the principles won’t change too much if you stick a particular color.

You can use your favorite color as your wallpaper and use that as a starting point.

If that is decided, then you should let the pattern play the supporting role in the overall décor.

Use a single accent wall and add a patterned wallpaper to it to highlight a unique feature.

Understand the concept of warm and cool tones, and what would they mean for your space.

You must also keep in mind the concept of scale if you plan to add other patterns in any other forms such as window coverings or upholstery.

Also, don’t ignore the concept of contrast. After all, it is the proverbial rub that binds the space together.


  1. Strike a balance

Your overall office must look like it was conceived to work together in balance and harmony.

Strike a balance to maintain visual interest.

Tone, scale, shape, intensity, and texture must not match (as it makes the space very dull), but any of these elements can’t overwhelm the other, either.

Build the space in layers and you won’t have to worry about striking a balance.


  1. Pay close attention to details

You will not be able to concentrate if you think something is not right in the office.

A harmonious environment has a perfect mix of all the elements- from a cleverly chosen wallpaper to appropriate lighting- and will create the necessary motivation and add a little bit of fun.

Say goodbye to plain dull walls and say hello to creativity and motivation with good wallpapers- choose from vibrant graphical designs, natural wallpapers or fresh flower motifs.

And voila you’re done!

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