Sex in India – Crushes, Affairs and Relationships

Is talking about Sex in India still taboo? Or has the scenario changed at all?

This blog is primarily for all you youngsters out there, and that just doesn’t mean that any audience out of that age circle is not welcome here.

Today we are going to talk about these three letters together (s-e-x), that people (we Indians basically) hesitate in speaking about in public. I don’t understand why! It’s totally okay to have a girlfriend, it’s totally okay to have sex, it’s totally okay to have an open conversation regarding the same. So, going against the odds, this blog is totally going to talk about why having an open approach towards sex is important, and also, why having a girlfriend is not exactly a crime (something that some of our old-school aunties and neighbors always tend to think). We will also talk about what basic qualities you can develop in yourself in order to impress a girl you like!

Oh boy! It’s a lot we have got to discuss, Let’s get started!

First things first! What do you think being in a relationship is? Funny thing is, for those who are in a relationship, most think they were better single and the exact opposite happens to those who are single, most of them want to be with someone. Why does this situation arise? People need to figure out whether the relationship they are into, is love or lust! It’s not right to comment on which one of the two is good or bad, it’s totally okay to have any of the two if both the partners are happy with it. An important part of growing up also includes developing the ability to have feelings for someone, to love someone romantically, which again comes with a feeling of excitement as well as confusion. So how are you going to decide if it’s love or lust!

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Where does Sex come in?


Oh, we all have an answer for that. But the real question is, is it that big a deal to talk about this word?

    • • Because we are a Conservative society?

• Failure in reasoning the ones who are still using old practices?

• Lack of education?

Sex in india


Which one do you think is responsible for? Love, Relationships, Sex before marriage, Sex after marriage, Sexuality, Virginity, etc., don’t you think we are tired of hearing those same topics as a “taboo” for years? Well, I’d say that’s maybe because we have not been brought up in a way to talk openly about it. But what you are restricted from, is something you’re More curious about!

Give it one or two generations, sex won’t be taboo anymore. India is rapidly changing, and most of the youngsters these days aren’t afraid of questioning their own, or others’ believes.

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Relationships and Sex

Coming on to relationships and sex, this is a dilemma that comes to the mind of every youngster, whether a relationship is all about intimacy or is it something more than that. In a country like India, people have a mindset where some think that getting into relationships is all about having physical pleasures and so they hit on every other girl they come across, while some do not want to come in a relationship because they don’t want intimacy so early.


Fact: Relationships aren’t only about sex. There are more things to a relationship than just intimacy.

Sex in India

It won’t be completely wrong to say that Men often tend to choose a woman based upon the ‘sex’ factor and eventually fall in love with her, while women choose someone based upon the care and closeness they feel, and end up enjoying it. Men focus on sex. Women focus on love. It’s like an adhesive holding the two close to each other.

The Right Girl?

The right Girl

Okay, so we have established how things have to work in a relationship. But for that, you need to have a girlfriend first. As I promised earlier in this article, I am going to help you out with how to tell your special one how you feel about her. I know it scares you and may become complicated at times, but keeping your feelings to yourself won’t do you any good either!

Not telling your special girl how you feel about her will only make you regret in the long run, What if you had confessed? What if she had said Yes?


When you approach a girl with your feelings, it’s difficult to predict how she is going to respond to it. It takes a lot of courage for a guy to share what’s in his heart with the girl and make himself assailable. If the girl knows him and likes him for the person he is, she’ll feel complimented that someone wants to be with her. It’ll make her feel special. Alternatively, if the girl doesn’t know the guy well and he comes off as a mad-cap, she might not be too interested in him then, especially if he’s a jerk to her or to others. So there are a lot of things you have to understand before just shooting your feelings out in front of her.

      • A Good Conversationalist

A good conversationalist

Knowing how to make conversation with a girl is something that all women look for in a man. You have to be pleasant, speak softly and show genuine attentiveness in her while you are around her. Create talks around her and keep her involved to have a nice time with you.


      • Make her feel comfortable

How to make her feel comfortable

Men who can make women feel comfortable within the first few moments of a conversation are usually liked by most of the females out there. Be the kind of guy who can take away the awkwardness while in the first conversation with her and you’ll already be in her good books. Try to involve yourself in a comfortable and interesting conversation with her, that will definitely be a head start for you.

      • Be Confident

be confident

A confident man comes around as sexier because he believes in himself and his abilities. Women always appreciate this quality and it surely is a great trait to have.

      • Make her feel important

How to make her feel important

It’s important for you to make her feel important. Pay attention to what she has to say. Make time for her. Make her feel that she is an important part of your life and how much you are happy to have her in your life.

      • Surprise her

Give her surprises

Surprising her is not only about gifts and presents. Do things for her that she won’t expect you to do. Know her favorite color, her favorite food, pet peeves, her shoe size, small things that don’t matter to you will matter a lot for her. She will feel valued and touched.

      • Give and Take

give n take

You should know when to give her the space she needs, the time she needs, and also when you need the same, try to figure out what she expects out of you, your attention, your time. Don’t become a liability in each other’s lives but be the reason for her smile even when she is through her toughest of times.

This list goes on forever and you just can’t generalize it to a specific girl. Every girl has her different mindset and preferences, what you should know is that these are the general qualities that any girl would want in a boy that she is dating.

So before asking out that special one, make sure you have such qualities in yourself towards her. Make her realize her worth in your life. You should understand that even girls are human beings, and even they want to be treated in a good way, wanting someone to make her feel like she is no less than a princess and can fall for her like anything.

so it’s up to you how you tell her, make her realize and touch her soul, just make sure that if you really like her, keep her happy, never let that smile go off her face, and in this way you are never going to lose her from your life. Looks do matter but not to a very great extent, what’s important is how you behave yourself when you approach that special one. Also, when a girl looks for a serious relationship with you, she expects you to be a self-made and ambitious person who is willing to respect her individuality and also stand by her while she has to fulfill her dreams.

fulfill her dreams

A girl will always trust a guy who will respect her as well as every other woman out there. So respect all women, and earn respect for yourself while being a better person altogether.

Smartness, Intelligence, Humor, Respect, Attention, Time, Love, Security, and Trust are little things that make a huge impact on a girl. Also, keep in mind the following things when you approach your special one: –

1. Give elite eye contact, girls really like it.

2. Make use of pauses and don’t just go on talking while not letting her say what she wants. Talk a lot, but listen more to her. This will really make her feel good about you. Women value men who know how to listen and how to build a comfort zone for the female.

3. Try not to have huge pauses and keep her interested and involved in the conversation all the time. This will always be a big positive for you.

4. Be just the right amount of mystery. Keep some mystery about what you are from inside, but not too much, otherwise, she might have certain trust issues.

The reason why most of you guys want “every girl” to like you is basically that you just want to be liked in general. You envisage girls smiling at all the stupid and silly things you say, you just need validation from them, but you have to understand that you cannot stake your validation on a girl. So throw this “every girl” nonsense out of the window. Personally speaking, I only want to excite girls who are excited by the things that usually I am excited about.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom line

So, after understanding what it is like to have a girlfriend, how to approach someone who is special to you, what relationships are, and whether sex and relationships go hand in hand or not, I would suggest you not waste another minute and tell your girl what she is to you and make her smile. Imagine how happy you yourself will be if she says YES to you. There is no other feeling, more beautiful than this. And even if she says No, continue to be the gentleman that you are, she will really appreciate it.

Finally, after reading this article, you must have understood that sex is a part of a relationship and not the whole of it, so next time whenever you go for a date or think about proposing or impressing a girl, follow the suggestions that I have listed in this article, don’t directly jump over to the idea of sex as it may ruin your relationship and you might end up with heartbreak. Understand the fact that if a girl is impressed by your love and affection the other parts will automatically come forward. I have tried to list down most of the points on how you can develop certain traits that will make the person you like, like you back. So make sure you implement it in your case.

Having a crush on someone is not a bad thing but making her feel comfortable with that is important as well. Giving her some space for her own self is what makes you a gentleman.

Flirting is okay, but that too in a healthy way. Cheating on someone in the name of flirting will not only stop your girl from trusting you but also degrade you as a person. So if you are lucky enough to hear a YES from that special one, love her and only her at every stage of your life. I hope you would have got some help from this article.

Try out the suggestions that I have listed and let me know how well they worked in the Comments section below. Also, if you like this article, do share it with your friends, family, and loved ones. Do not forget to Like, Share, and Subscribe!

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