Learnings From Nike Founder’s Book ‘Shoedog’

I recently read this book Shoedog, it’s kinda awesome. One word ‘Must read‘. There are some very good key takeaways, let’s talk about them today. 

So, here are some Shoedog major takeaways and learnings we can implement in our daily lives:

  1. Sales is the lifeline: of any business. Without sales, there is no business. Sales should start from day 1.
  2. Running and Cardio: are very vital and helpful to reduce stress during high work and toxic phases of life. Phil ran for 6 miles (9.6 km) daily to reduce the stress and anxiety that came along the business.
  3. People always take you for granted: if you give them everything in hand. Make them struggle for it and they will be all fine. Phil made the mistake of not giving a hard life to his elder son Mathew, which ultimately made him a spoilt brat who was a useless waste of time.
  4. Sit down and strategize: Phil did a very intelligent job by not letting Onitsuka slide away, meanwhile, he was preparing to take them down at the right time. He slyly and secretly launched Nike, while Onitsuka was just planning to betray him. The spy inside the factory turned out to be gold. So rather than panicking during thin moments, it is important to think long term and find an appropriate solution.
  5. Real success comes by being Bowerman. You need to have a lab, innovate and create new products, get them patented and sell worldwide.
  6. Reading biographies: and auto-biographies is one of the best ways to learn about the success and habits of those who made it to the top. We can learn a person’s entire life’s experience through just one book, so we should definitely avoid authors with multiple books.

In my opinion, this is one of the best books on business, persistence, and intelligence. A very practical and realistic approach to face this little thing called ‘Life’.

shoedog rating

A must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs, marketing students and especially people who are too impatient in life.

This book is a life-changer.


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