You shouldn’t dread going to your office every day.

Yes, we get it, not everyone likes to “lean in” to every single challenge at work. In fact, it is normal to feel low once in a while.

But it’s not healthy if that is how you feel every single day (and night).

These telltale signs will tell you if you’re actually speeding towards a nasty burnout at work.

  1. Your work is all-consuming

You remember to update the group presentation while you’re stuck in a never-ending jam or skim your email while you’re out shopping, and work is always on your mind.

Cheers if you are working hard but set a limit and don’t feel guilty for leaving a few tasks unfinished when you head out that office.


  1. You aren’t motivated anymore

You feel like there is absolutely no point in taking the lead or initiative anymore.

You’re at that point in the office where you are doing just enough work to keep you from getting fired, then you need to motivate yourself again.

Take a short trip or use up some of your piled up vacation days to relax and unwind.

However, if you feel like your job isn’t challenging anymore and you need opportunities, then you should look for other jobs.

Find out ways to stay motivated.


  1. Relationships? Do I even have any?

You’re so exhausted from work that you have stopped hanging out with the girls, missing your family dinners isn’t a once-in-a-while thing anymore and you hardly have time to see other people.

Don’t let the people you love the most become the collateral damage of your work life, check in and prioritize.

Keeping relationships strong is extremely important for overall happiness.

And no job or any kind of work should keep that away from you. (Unless, of course, you are a misanthrope).


  1. Even small tasks are exhausting

Unopened emails, missed deadlines, procrastinating 24*7, or neglecting your work because it seems too much to bear isn’t normal.

These scenarios are classic examples of a burnout.

Mix up your schedule or delegate tasks if you can and find ways to recharge yourself.


  1. You cannot get through the day without alcohol/coffee/sleep aids

Your morning coffee and the happy hour meals with your coworkers are one thing, but if you are gulping down one cup of coffee after another, or turning into a nightly glass of scotch (or two) to unwind, or are dependent on sleeping aids to get rid of the constant work-related mental chatter then you have already crossed the fine line between job stress and burnout.

Talk to your boss because this is a serious concern and convince them to reallocate some of your tasks to help you.

You cannot get through the day without alcohol/coffee/sleep aids
You cannot get through the day without alcohol/coffee/sleep aids


  1. You’re dead-tired by the end of the day

The only thing you want to do is jump into a relaxing hot bath or worse, fall asleep during the ride back home (and probably never want to wake up) and the gym is the last place you’d want to be.

But, physical exercise will actually help you feel better.

Exercising helps in adding more energy and releasing stress so don’t skip it even when you want to.


  1. You can barely concentrate

Your head is in fifteen different places and you simply cannot focus on anything, and its driving you crazy.

You take longer to finish the same tasks and can barely keep up with everything.

Pause before it creeps into your personal life and makes your life absolutely nightmarish.

Do yourself a favor and give yourself a well-deserved break.

Shut your mind every now and then so that you can work to your full potential when needed.


  1. You neglect self-care

You’re not only missing family dinners but skipping dinners altogether.

You are so engrossed in work that you often forget to eat or take care of yourself like you should.

You will be more resistant to burn out if you do not fulfill your basic needs.

Maintain a healthy routine and strike a work-life balance before it’s too late.

Give yourself the time you need and pick up meditation or yoga to help you recover faster.

Slow down and simplify your life.


  1. You are always dissatisfied with your work performance

Perfectionists often face this issue and constantly struggle to keep up with their (super high) expectations and feel bad about a tiny mistake for weeks.

This type of behavior is not only tiring but also very discouraging because it leads to hopelessness.

Cut yourself some slack and slow down.

Have realistic expectations from your job as well as yourself.


  1. Serious health problems

Your body will succumb and your work will be to blame. Serious chronic stress can lead to health problems like heart disease, digestive issues, obesity, and depression.


Are you on the risk of a Burnout?
Are you on the risk of a Burnout?


So how do you move away from burnout and towards a feeling of enthusiasm again? Here are some recommendations:

  1. Take out time for yourself

You won’t meet your own needs if you keep helping others above everything because you’re giving endlessly and receiving nothing or very less in return.

To top it all you feel guilty if you stop.

Make time for yourself.

Choose a day exclusively for yourself and your family and do at least one thing that you enjoy.


  1. Find ways to calm yourself

Some people meditate while others prefer to pray or even breathe long deep breaths.

Do whatever that works for you; to each his own.

Make it a habit to practice it every day outside the office, ideally in the morning, and then slowly draw on it during pauses throughout your workday.

Simply taking short breaks to close your eyes and clear your head will help you re-energize your mind during a frantic day.


  1. Love vs Hate list

Analyze what you love and hate about your job, things that have changed- the deadlines, the team, the amount of work, the pay, the boss, the company’s mission?

This will help you identify the problem areas and will enable you to think of strategies or ways to resolve them.

For instance, you might build an alliance with your coworkers to address shared concerns.


  1. Understand that settling for less than perfect is okay

Ideally, you should be working at 90 per cent rather than 110 per cent of the maximum.

Accept that the files may pile up and you must delegate as much as you can.

And stop being available 24*7: rather than checking your emails every second, respond at preset times, and know when to log out and focus on other aspects of life.


  1. Take excellent care of yourself

Eat healthily, get a good night’s sleep and exercise every day.

If you think you are too busy to exercise, then start by taking a short walk.

Once you see the benefits, you’ll automatically want to do more of the things that are really important in keeping you from getting burned out or more burned out.

Take excellent care of yourself
Take excellent care of yourself


  1. Set limits

Take an entire day (yes, 24 hours) to review something before you agree to do it.

Talk to your other half or a friend about whether it’s something that you really want to do.

If it’s not, then don’t do it. Simple.


  1. Plan in advance

If you need to get out of a toxic workplace but can’t quit yet, then spend at least 15 minutes daily exploring other options.

Go online. Network. Get additional training. Polish your résumé. Work towards it.

Most individuals are within 18 months of being in a better, healthier work situation and the key to start is now.

Take small steps as they will help you feel more in control and set the stage for a fresh start.

Plan in advance
Plan in advance

Don’t dread going to the office and have a good day every day!