Signs of Genius Everyone Must Know

What makes someone a genius?

Is it genetics or some kind of trick that only handful of people are aware of?

Are geniuses “blessed” with high IQ and creativity?

What separates geniuses from those who are not?

Do they eat right while others don’t?

The list of questions is endless when you talk about what makes you a genius or how to become genius.

To get the answers of all these questions, better you understand the signs of genius, some common signs that every renowned genius occupies.

We have come up with a list of signs of genius everyone must know, hope you will enjoy it!


Signs of Genius Everyone must Know

Let’s get started with the list of common signs that make you genius! Check out how many signs you reflect in your daily life.

Night Owls

So, you see yourself awake at night while others are enjoying quality sleep!

Well, don’t worry! You own one of the biggest signs of genius.

It’s the longest running debate, night owls are genius, creative while early birds are not!

Many researches have proven that night owls have a creative edge over others.

If you are awake, it means you need less sleep than others.

It means you are preparing yourself for tomorrow in a better way.

Your mind has the strength to think and work for longer, so let others sleep!


Overthinking and Always Worried

Do you take forever to decide what actually you want to do?

Worry more, because you are probably a freaking genius!

Research by King’s College, London has proven that people who overthink and worry a lot have a highly creative and genius mind.

Stress yourself over small things, your mind will direct you to the solution.

You are one-of-a-kind and you know how to deal with things smartly, because you are genius!


If you Prefer Listening over Speaking

If you listen to people and pay close attention to their words, movements, styles, you own another sign of being genius.

People who are talkative have a monotonous opinion, and sometimes they are super boring.

It reflects that you are showing interest in others, you are busy understanding and processing the information.


Talking to Yourself

Let’s talk about the fact first, a study conducted by Daniel Swigley and Gary Lupyan states that talking to yourself if a sign of genius.

Consulting with your own self is the best way to alleviate stress.

Did you know- Albert Einstein used to repeat his own sentences to himself.

A proof from his official site is a proof enough.


You were Breastfed

Breastfeeding has its own unique importance.

Doctors suggest that breastfeeding is necessary for proper mental and physical growth of children.

If you were breastfeed, you are genius.

The credit goes to your mom and long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids present in the breast milk that gives you all the needed mental and physical strength.

Well, if you were not breastfeed, you have some ways to stay mentally stronger that work almost alike.


If you are Bullied more Often

You have your own way of thing and doing things? You know what, you are a genius.

Ideas, suggestions by genius are bullied first, as people don’t have that level of thinking on something that only a genius has.

So, if people don’t agree with you or make fun of you, let them do it.


Get Bored Easily

When you have a creative and genius mind, you will always hate a monotonous life.

Though we can’t group all the genius minds in the same group, but mostly, creative people love change.

You can’t do one thing time and again because your mind is curious to learn new things.

Repetitive tasks will surely create some troubles in your mind and if it does, it’s one of the signs of genius.

Genius minds are more likely to stay cool and calm, they are crazy in a very different way.

They never like to go to such places where noise can surround them.

They prefer sitting behind the closed door with their book over going to a club for party.

If you don’t see yourself with friends who are party people, it’s a good thing.


You Cry more Often

Apple’s founder Steve Jobs cried incessantly.

If you are one of those individuals who can’t stop tears from coming out of your eyes, you can feel free to cry because you are a genius.

Crying is the best way to take out your emotions and everything that is killing you inside.

Once you are finished with your tears, your creative mind starts working.


Addiction Makes you a Genius

Balzac Drank 50 Cups of Coffee a Day.

50 cups of coffee a day can result in health troubles.

But, people like Balzac are addicted to caffeine and their mind works wonderfully well when they have a cup of coffee in hand.

Similar addictions can be related to smoking, alcoholic drinks or others, though these things are sure to affect your health adversely, but addiction has been one of the common habits or signs of genius.


Careless about Fashion? You’re Genius!

Do you wear the same t-shirt for a couple of days or more?

People may consider you to be careless about fashion, but you are doing it great.

When you are careless about your outfit, you are sure never to care about what people think about you, and that’s where creative minds exist- in a careless atmosphere.

This is one of the signs of genius everyone must know.

Even the most genius people around the globe were careless about what others think about them.


If you are Disorganized

Have you ever seen the desk of a techie?

If not, then you must!

You will find the desk completely messy, surrounded with hell lot of stuff.

The reason behind you won’t find space to place a cup of coffee is their focus and curiousness to learn and keep moving.

So, in case people call you a disorganized individual, thank them!


Social Anxiety

Those who have differently creative mind mostly hate to socialize, they don’t have bigger networks.

Why they avoid interaction is followed by a very simple reason, neither they don’t want to be judged, nor they need it.

If you don’t like to connect with more people or have a bigger network, don’t worry about this, it is one of the signs of genius.


When you Prefer Being Alone

If you need some “Me Time”, you have a reflection of a genius.

Read about the geniuses from the history and you will find this habit of being alone common among almost every one.

Why they want or love to be alone is that they need to think deep, find something useful and creative while getting confident.

Geniuses will make some time for themselves almost every day, they will talk to themselves.


If you are a Daydreamer

When reality is blurred and is replaced by visionary fantasies and pleasant thoughts, a genius is daydreaming!

You must have some crazy habits like this one to be crazy and wildly genius, there is nothing wrong with it.

So, what was the last time you were lost in an imaginary world?


You need more Breaks During Work

The best thing about being a genius is that you know what you are doing and how to do it!

When you will find yourself a step closer, you will take a break, that’s how genius people work.

They know it so well when and how much they need to work and when they need a pause.

You can’t expect a genius to do an eight-hour-a-day desk job without a pause.

Those who love to read are more likely to join the list of geniuses. Habit of reading is the best way to spend some time alone while learning something new in every book, every sentence.

Once you pick the pace of reading and understanding the sentence, it means your mind has started reacting faster and better.

What was the last book did you read?


If you Imagine Wildly

Genius people are wildly imaginative, they imagine beyond imaginations of normal individuals.

They doodle, they play with words and they have completely different hobbies.


Highly Curious

Creative and genius people don’t let things go easily.

They are worried and they go in depth of small things.

They are full of questions in their mind and always behind finding the answer until they are satisfied.


Summing it Up

These are most common signs of genius and all you need is to evaluate yourself as per these signs.

Are you a genius?

Sometimes, you may not realize the potential you have and you may go in a wrong direction.

Better realize your capabilities and head towards the right direction.

Share with us in comments if you know more signs of genius.


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