Simply Fly

Frequent fliers have mastered certain tricks that make their lives hassle-free. We tell you how to copy their moves and fly like a pro.


1. Book Smart

Catching up on your sleep when you could be sightseeing is a bummer. Travel smart by booking yourself on a red-eye or off-peak hour flight.

Spend your journey sleeping and arrive fully refreshed and ready to start your holiday. Bonus: you’ll avoid long lines, crowded commutes and traffic jams.


2. Freeze The Screen

There’s nothing more annoying than an airport with a non-existent or super-slow WiFi connection. Don’t rely on public WiFi to access essential documents.

Download or save a screenshot of your online boarding pass in case you can’t find the original.


3. Stay Chill

A regular bottle of mineral water can cost you an arm and a leg at the airport. To avoid this, bring an empty bottle and stay hydrated for cheap. Most airports have water fountains or filters around every nook and corner.


4. Keep Left

Breeze through airport security by picking the line to the left. Most travelers tend to pick lanes on the right, as a majority of any population is right-handed and thus oriented in that direction.


5. BYO Bites

If possible, pack your own snacks to avoid the overpriced food courts. Pick foods that don’t spoil, come pre-packaged and give you a shot of instant energy, like biscuits, nuts or protein bars. You can also carry up to 100 ml of alcohol on international flights.


6. Grade Up

Try and book the first seats because if there’s a family that needs them, you get bumped up to the first class. Also, don’t be shy about asking airline staff for an upgrade.

If you’re lucky, you may get bumped up to business class at no extra cost. Improve your chances by letting the staff know if you’re on your honeymoon or celebrating a special occasion.


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