Sitting pretty – Easy fixes for your chairs that ooze comfort and style 

Have you found yourself wishing you could be sitting pretty but don’t have the budget to buy a new set of chairs? If you are asking yourself what you can do to upgrade the look and fix your current chairs within your space to add some life to your home rather than outright replacing them, here are some easy fixes for your chairs that ooze comfort and style.

Refinish your chairs without stripping

Your old – perhaps even vintage –  chairs and furniture legs that are of some value to you may well be in desperate need of some care. However, using strippers to care for and refinish your chairs can be risky.

Choose a method that doesn’t involve unpleasant, harmful stripping to effortlessly restore your furniture. Cleaning, fixing, and restoring old worn finishes without using harmful chemical strippers may refinish your chairs to appear fresh again and bring them up to date. 

You might be able to sand and refinish your chairs if they’re constructed of solid wood. Nowadays, there are so many waxes and varnishes on the market that you may easily pick the colour and texture of your fresh finish.

Incorporate cushions for style and comfort

By adding comfort matched fresh flair and style to your kitchen and dining chairs, you may give them a new lease of life. Maybe some printed soft cushions with fun and vibrant or contemporary and stylish designs and colours will have others wondering if you just got new chairs.

Cushions can be the biggest difference in making your chairs look brand new. These are usually reasonably affordable, and you may select between specifically constructed pads that connect to the rungs and conventional cushions – this will always give chairs a comfortable and snug feel.

Add a lick of paint

A simple paint job would suffice if the coating on your chair is old or if wear and use has taken its toll on parts of your furniture. Layers of pastel and tones of grey or white paint will give you an improved look if you’re all about elegance and flair. It’s a versatile fix since you can choose whatever paint colour you like. You may choose from a variety of unique furniture paints or a paint that is currently popular and in trend.

Decorate with upholstered features

If your furniture could use a little glitz, enhance it fast, effortlessly, and inexpensively with upholstered features. You may also consider purchasing upholstery nails and adding them to your chairs for a whole new appearance.

Replace with ghost chairs

These sleek, futuristic reboots of the iconic ghost chair design have been around for a while, but they can still take over a space, particularly in groups. With a group of ghost seats gathered around a contemporary bistro table, this compact eating environment has all the flair and luxury vibe it needs.

Time to twine?

Use strong twine to wrap over the backs or rungs of your chairs for an unique, inexpensive, and simple chair fix. The style is primitive and one-of-a-kind, and the seats will be absolutely remarkable to look at.  It’s possible that you’ll need some specialty glue to adequately bind them.

And there you have it – some of the best examples of easy fixes that can restore comfort and style to your old chairs. 


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