There are going to be plenty of times at work when things will not make sense; you will feel like you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing.

Self-doubt will soon creep in and you know walking away isn’t the answer but you feel the negative feelings taking control; rather than giving up and losing all your confidence, here are six easy ways to stay motivated at work.


  1. Pause for a Minute

I know it sounds obvious but STOP doing what you’re doing and give yourself that much-needed break.

Put all that work on hold for a while and recharge yourself, do something that will lift back your spirits like seeing your family or catching the latest movie.

You won’t be able to make any significant changes if you are too stressed to see things clearly.

Pause to analyze
Pause to analyze


  1. Reach Out to your Colleagues or Friends

Once you’ve hit a rough patch and you’re guaranteed to feel like you should keep your head down until everything is solved but talking to your advisors or fellow business leaders or your advisors will give you the clarity and guidance you need.

Take advice from the people around you
Take advice from the people around you


  1. Have a Hobby

Everyone’s got something or the other that gives them joy outside of work so figure what you enjoy and let it soothe you while you work things out.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed or low, just switch to your hobby and feel the magic, you will return to your desk more light-hearted.

Do what you like
Do what you like


  1. Inspire Yourself

Draw inspiration from other successful entrepreneurs or leaders you look up to or read blogs or books that inspire you as they will remind you what you’re capable of and how you can achieve it.

Inspire Yourself
Inspire Yourself


  1. Give Back

Giving back doesn’t always have to be signing a check, instead find a way to actually help someone.

Donate your time and effort. It will help you stay motivated without fail.

Learn to give back
Learn to give back


  1. Revise your To-do List

Focus on smaller goals if you feel like achieving that big goal is impossible at the moment and take joy in the smaller wins until you are ready to take focus on that big goal again.

Revise your To-do List


“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

Enjoy the journey


We all know staying motivated isn’t as easy as it sounds especially when the goal you’re working towards seems impossible.

Don’t go too hard on yourself.

Likewise, don’t be thrilled when everything’s going well!

Success will take time.

There will be ups and downs, stops and starts so stay motivated and enjoy the journey because reaching the top won’t feel as good as you thought it would be!