Small Business Marketing Guide: 2022 Edition

If you just opened a small business in the UK last year, now is the perfect time to make your business more recognisable to buyers. If your business has been around for some time, then you need to continue working and making sure that your business flourishes and bears fruit.

No matter what high-quality products you sell or how unique your products are, if your business or store is not heard by a lot of people, then you still have room to grow. It is especially difficult for small business leaders if they have to do all the work themselves. You should have a lot of ideas in your head on how to make a brand, what social media marketing or email marketing tactics to use to get the best results, and much more.

In any case, perfection knows no limits. Every day, new methods of promoting any business, from small to large, appear on the Internet. However, unlike a large business, where there are entire departments of specialists who follow current trends, small business leaders must be on guard for strategies that will prove to be the most profitable and least costly.

First of all, you need to choose a single marketing concept that you will develop further.

We want to make your job easier and reduce the hours of long searches for tactics, methods, and techniques on how to make sure that buyers stand in line and are satisfied with the work done. In this article, we’ve rounded up the most helpful ways to make your business stand out and grab the attention of an endless stream of buyers.

Everything you need for the building of brand awareness 

Here you will find comprehensive information on marketing strategies from creating a website to choosing advertisements that will draw attention to your site.

Appearance on the Internet

Advertisements in newspapers and the distribution of fliers have sunk into oblivion. Now few people pay attention to companies that are not on the Internet. That is why, first of all, if you are not in the online space, then you need to deal with this issue.

You need to create a website where your potential customers can learn full information about your company, as well as get acquainted with the products. You don’t have to sell products online to be successful. It is enough just to create a web resource where customers can find you.

If you do not have the skills to create websites, and hiring a specialist is expensive for you, then you can use the Tilda service, where you can do it yourself without special skills and training.

Create a look for the brand

When talking about companies and organisations, slogans, logos, and brand videos often come to mind. The brand visualisation can play into the positive perception of your business and products. Not only mega-big corporations and representatives of large businesses create such things. Small businesses can also create the look of their company. 

One of the best means is creating marketing videos about your company. You should show in a short video what is unique and different from other businesses so that when talking about products, buyers immediately represent your company. Don’t forget that you don’t have to create an hour-long production film. It should be a short video that will reflect your main points of pride.

Having come up with a concept for the video and shot the frames, it is necessary to do post-processing of the video material so that the video stands out from all the others. Amazing results can be achieved using a free video editor without even spending money on hiring video editing specialists.

Increase visibility on social platforms

How can you get even closer to your target audience? Everything is simple. You just need to appear on the expanses of social media. If earlier social networks were only habitat for young people, now everyone communicates, has fun, and looks for information here, both old and young.

By creating social media pages for your business, you have the opportunity to break the boundaries of stiffness and lack of interaction with your consumers.

However, it’s not enough to simply create an account and wait for people to become interested in you. You must be active and encourage users to communicate. Post updates and news of your business, get users acquainted with your staff and the life of the team, inform them about the production of new products, and also inform them about discounts.

Draw attention to your business with the newsletter

If a buyer who made at least one purchase was satisfied with the experience of purchasing from your company, then you need to do everything so that this buyer comes back to you again. This is easy to achieve with email marketing.

There are various email marketing strategies that offer different ways to remind your customers of your company. You can send out newsletters and tell users what’s new, introduce new product launches, send infotainment articles, and make exclusive offers.

Raise awareness offline

Surely, in the city where your company is located, there are various sports teams, the activities, and victories of which are watched by the whole city. If so, then you can use this circumstance to the benefit of your company. You can become a sponsor of one of the teams.

You will need to invest in the development of the team and provide them with the best conditions, and in return, you will receive one of the best ways to advertise your brand. Just think about your brand being displayed on the uniforms, buses, or team sports props. All viewers will remember you on a subconscious level. When something often flashes before our eyes, then when making a decision, we will remember this opportunity. For instance, if you sell gardening tools, then fans will come to you when they need to buy goods for their garden.

Use the help of Google

Google saves all search queries that users enter. That is why with the help of this company, you can access a limitless audience through advertising. By entering a query, we want to get the most relevant answer. First of all, we pay attention to the very first links that are offered by the search engine, and after that, we either stop at the proposed option or continue to look for what we need.

Thanks to such advertising, your site can become the first option that will be offered to users. For example, if you’re in the business of baking and selling fresh pastries, the system might show your website first for “the best buns in Manchester.” To do this, you just need to look through Google Adwords Tutorials and get the desired buyers.

The search engine also regularly releases updates that re-evaluate websites, article relevancy, and SEO optimization to encourage users to find the information they want. In this regard, every small business leader should review each new Google update to keep abreast of the main requirements and changes to be able to adapt their website for relevant user searches.

Another advertising platform

No matter how good Google advertising is, even such a search engine has its drawbacks. Since this platform is especially popular, it means that the competition among businesses is also high. In this regard, you have the option to use Microsoft Ads. You will not only get access to more potential customers but also save on advertising purchases.


Whatever the activity of your small business is, without marketing, you will not be able to achieve the best results. Often, small business leaders perform many roles on their own. They are the boss, the seller, the marketer, and the courier. In this regard, sometimes they do not have enough time to carefully approach the issue of creating a successful marketing strategy. In this case, methods that do not require a huge amount of attention or expense become useful. The above tips will help you make your business more visible to potential clients. We wish your business prosperity!



Nikita Ross
Nikita Ross
Nikita Ross is a professional ghostwriter and business developer who lives and breathes marketing. With a strong educational background and eight years of practical marketing experience, Nikita knows that the key to marketing success is continuous learning and adaptation.

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