Smart Home Hacks

Smart Home Hacks that help you heal, tidy up and set your life on track.


1. Fresh Roast

If you happen to use your coffee-grinder to grind some spices and it ends up reeking of cumin, don’t fret.

The best way to make sure your coffee doesn’t taste any different is to grind some uncooked white rice in it first.

Fresh Roast


2. A Glass Case

Repair tiny holes in glass windows with clear nail polish.

Apply a generous coat in the crack and once dry, keep adding layers following the same process.

A Glass Case

3. Pin Up

If you’ve been looking for a budget-friendly and convenient recipe or a note holder for your kitchen, consider the humble clothespin.

Screw or glue a clothespin to the inside of the bottom of an upper cabinet such that it’s facing downwards, and you’re ready to get pinning anything from your favorite recipes to grocery lists and reminders.

Pin Up

4. Lost and Found

Solve all your missing sock woes by putting them together in a mesh bag before putting them into the washing machine.

They’ll all stay in one place, so no more wasting time rummaging through the whole pile of washed clothes to find a buddy.

Lost and Found

5. Iron Man

You can bring to life your dirty iron with the powerful cleaning duo of vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda, apply over the stains and rusty areas.

Once dry, wipe off with a soft damp cloth.

Iron Man

6. Rain Ready

Don’t let the rains wash out your favorite pair of shoes.

Make them water-proof by rubbing beeswax on them generously.

Later, using a blow dryer, melt the wax and leave the shoes for 30 to 45 minutes before using.

Rain Ready

7. Phone Saver

If your electronic gadgets get wet, turn them off immediately and dry them with a towel or dry cloth.

Then place them in a large bowl with uncooked rice grain and leave for 48 hours. The rice soaks up all the moisture.

Phone Saver

8. Clutter Buster

Stop splurging on pricey storage units, and instead simply use a tension rod inside your closet to hang all your scarves, belts and dupattas.

Or bust out some shower hooks and loop them on a hanger to use anywhere.

Clutter Buster

9. Take a Chalk

Keep all your metal tools and hardware rust-free by placing them together in a toolbox with a few pieces of blackboard chalk.

Take a Chalk

10. Good to Grate

You can now get rid of cheesy clinger-ons on your grater by running the bristles of a dry toothbrush back and forth across them till they’re loosened.

If you’ve used your grater on something stickier, like garlic, you need to soak it first.

Good to Grate

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