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These cool new beauty apps do everything you, from giving you a virtual makeover to brightening up your selfies.


1. Facetune 2

Available on Android and iOS, this one’s sort of an add-on to the uber-popular app Facetune.

Loved by celebrities and makeup artists alike, beautifying images than being a complete editing app.

Besides adding details and sharpening certain features, it can also add a glow to your face and smoothen your skin.

The app auto corrects blemishes, but if you want finer corrections, try out their new live face editing feature.


2. My Hair Weather Lite

None of us are spared those greasy ponytail days and the Hail Mary throw-it-in-a-bun days.

This smart iOS app can help you avoid bad hair days once and for all.

Using the weather forecast in your city and information about the nature of your hair, it will alert you about the upcoming frizz and other natural disasters and will give you tips on looking your best.

If you buy the pro version for INR 160, you get a seven-day forecast with information on products you can use.

Android users can download the HairWeather app-it’s practically the same!


3. BeautyStash

This one is for the beauty junkies amongst us. We have bags inside our handbag, each one with one, two or maybe ten lip colors, just in case.

BeautyStash on iOS will help you organize your makeup stock. It basically does an inventory of the products you own so you don’t buy more of the same.

The app also helps you catalog your storage units, so you can add an image of your unit, the drawer, and the products in the drawer.

It also gives you ideas for creating looks using the products you own.

There’s a similar app for Android users – My Makeup Collection.


4. YouCam Makeup

This Android and iOS app gives you a stunningly made-up face while clicking your picture.

The Face Reshaper feature adds contours to your face, while the Eye Bag Remover diminishes dark undereye circles and reduces puffiness.

Go crazy and try a full glam look or just tweak your lashes a bit-it’s your selfie, your call!

This free app can also be used on pictures from your album. It also streams makeup tutorials with tips.

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