Using Social Media Tools Like NetBase to Improve Business

Social Media Tools Explained

Social media tools allow a person to research such a way that they can obtain certain kinds of information they are looking for on the internet.
Since there are terabytes of information added to the internet daily, it takes a particularly sophisticated search engine to locate the kinds of information sought.
Below are a few of the best social media tools that have proven to perform best for marketing

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite keeps all of your social media managed under one simple application.
While it is maintaining your social media connections, it also saves all of your profiles, login information, and passwords, within the Hootsuite application itself.
Hootsuite has been developing since 2008. You can manage your Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts within HootSuite.
Within the Hootsuite application, you can send out a single post to several social media applications at once.
All of your posts, as well as all existing data, is saved directly to the cloud. HootSuite has over 1,000 employees and has over 16 million users in 175 countries.

2. NetBase- A Social Analytics Company 

Among companies that are called social media tools, there are companies like NetBase which work as analytical tools to help companies mine social media information to help companies build their brands and relations with customers more strategically.
For example, with its advanced analytical and summation tools, NetBase can derive customer sentiments as well as draw a picture of customers’ social engagements across different social media.
The power of NetBase social media tools is that it sorts, categorizes, and makes available to businesses that are in the public forum.
Still, by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, it can derive patterns, purchase intent, and the customer journey across linear time as well as in real-time analytics.

3. Buffer

Buffer began in 2010 as a social media tool, which allows an individual or a company to manage all of their social media posts in one secure location.
It has been successful and has over 75K businesses use the application to post to their various social media throughout the day.
With Buffer, several posts can be scheduled for delivery to different social media at specific times of day or night. It also has a desktop as well as apps for Android and iOS.
The limit to the number of team members that work together on Buffer sets to 25 automatically.

4. Brand24

Any small to medium-sized business has the potential to keep a pulse on what others are saying about their business and this is what Brand24 can do for you.
Brand24 gives you 24-hour feedback on what is being said about your business. With Brand24, you also can keep a watch on your competitors.
The reports provided by Brand24 come in the form of a chart that shows real-time discussions about your brand.
The application is meant to counteract negative communication about your brand so that brand owners can defend their brand image.
Brand24 offers many types of parameters and filters to find specific information that has been received.
Finally, Brand 24 allows the user to export data in various popular formats like PDF files and .xls files.

5. Tweepi

While the above social media tools have focused on connecting several media tools, Tweepi is very good at building a brand on Twitter.
Tweepi is AI-based and explicitly used for marketing presence on Twitter.
For those who use Tweepi, they have been able to increase their Twitter presence by as many as 100 new Twitter followers a day.
Tweepi has several helpful tools, such as helping you find the best tweets for your audience or cleaning up irrelevant or inactive users on your Twitter account.
Tweepi is useful in steering a brand to engage with relevant users.


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