SOS fashion and style hacks to look great without much effort

Fashion is considered a major part of our life. Whether it is casual or formal, we love to see beauty, trends, and uniqueness where ever we go. When it comes to dressing up, we want everything to look just perfect for us with all the minimal effort and resources that we have. Clothes, nails, hair, shoes, and even the perfume we wear becomes a major party of our life. Fashion not only helps us, groom, better but also aids in covering up for flaws if any that remain. No one is perfect, but we can play with our imperfections in a way that looks great and stand out from the crowd. We run out of resources or help, so many times. Can we not play around with what we have to look better?
Fashion is fun and fashion hacks are like lifesavers. So, if you are a fashionable lady, and like dressing up but need some real quickies to save that extra hour, here are some fashion hacks or say SOS (Save our soul) tips that can help the fashionista in you to make a fashion statement in an outstanding way without putting your burden on everyday activities. Learn from the best life-saving hacks that every lady should know,

  • The base spots on your brightly colored tops and shirts can be a real treat. In the event that you put a drop of foundation on your shirt, immediately lift it with a razor foam cartoon. Let the foam rest for a while there and then take it to wash.
  • Gold jewelry needs a good amount of care and cleaning for a proper reflection of light. You do not have to go to your jewelry cleaner to give the gold its glossy appearance. We have a home remedy for that. Just take some beer, and also you need a toothbrush. There you go clean all the dirt out and you get your shining jewelry piece in your hand, looking like a newly bought one.
  • You have oily and greasy hair, or maybe your hair lacks volume and luster. You have an urgent party or a formal gathering to attend. No worries, we have got as perfect hair wig for you, it’s called a headband wig. It is easy to wear, easy to use and long-lasting. Why not give it a try for the next outing?
  • Silk clothes can be washed at home? Yes, you can easily do that with good cleaning agents. Here, we need some Luke warm water and baby shampoo and we are sorted. Mix it well and see the difference in your silk clothes. However, do not apply shampoo directly to the silk fabric, make enough soap with it, and then apply it on the clothes to see the difference.
  • Are you missing out on a liquid concealer, and have the pancake concealer handy. You still saved it. Take a spray bottle and cake concealer, spray 1-2 times on the pancake concealer and mix it with your ring finger or a small brush. The consistency should be equal to the liquid concealer consistency. Holla, you are ready to win over that look.
  • Do you feel like your favorite sunglasses have gotten loose from the ends and you need to get it fixed? Well, you can do that yourself. All you need is a clear transparent nail paint, apply it on the corners of the loosened ends. And you are ready to use your sunglasses again.
  • Winters are arriving and we need to de-fuzz our winter sweater, well all you need is a pumice stone. And there you are ready to de-fuzz your favorite winter sweater.
  • Want clean make-up brushes but do not have time to let them dry out for a day. Well, just take your hairdryer and whoop, dry it in 5 mins and you are ready to do your make-up with all the hygiene.

There are definitely many other hacks and tips that can save you time. Some of them you may have already found for yourself and some we have shared with you and we will keep sharing more.
Fashion and styling are never time-consuming if you know some of these SOS tips that save you nine. So what are you waiting for let’s give it a try?


Navrajvir Singh
Navrajvir Singh
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