7 Simple Steps to Make Workplace Secure

As an employer, there are so many responsibilities on your shoulders. One of your primary responsibilities is to ensure your workplace meets all the safety and security regulations.
We live in a world where any bad thing can happen at any given time.
Therefore, it is crucial to have measures for preventing theft or damage of any sort in the workplace, regardless of the scale of your business.
Keep in mind you are also responsible for maintaining the safety of your employees.
What you can do is create a win-win situation by enforcing an organizational safety and security process in place.
To help you lead better, here are a few things you can do to considerably improve your workplace security.

1. Be informed

One thing that should be kept in mind is every workplace faces varied security challenges.
A perpetrator can be anyone you know or a complete stranger. Don’t ever risk your and your employees’ safety by living in a denial state.
Make sure you take the right measures beforehand to save everyone from an unexpectedly life-threatening event. 

2. Consider appointing a safety coordinator

As a business owner, you will be too busy focusing on improving workplace security.
No worries, this is where a safety coordinator enters the picture.
All you have to do is appoint a safety coordinator to foster accountability.
This person will not only be responsible for analyzing probable security issues by conducting regular audits but also interact with the security team of the premises for further improvement.
The appointed individual will even engage with the tenants regarding different security issues in your locality. 

3. Update your workplace security system

If you don’t want your workplace to be the target of a burglary, consider putting camera and security signs at all entry and exit points.
Chances are, you already have a security system installed but ensure it’s not outdated.
If it is, make sure you upgrade it to a cox security system as it is an advanced one.
Once you have video surveillance in place, an intruder is less likely to target your workplace. 

4. Train your employees

7 Simple Steps to Make Workplace Secure
As an employer, it is beyond impossible to be at the work premises 24/7.
So, when you are not there, your employees will be your eyes and ears.
So make sure you take the help of an expert in workplace safety to teach them how to make themselves aware of any suspicious activity.
Ensure the employees know what needs to be done when any unexpected event takes place.
Any security planning won’t be of any help until a written plan of action is not included in your business policies.
When you have your employees on board with protecting your business and they follow your security policies, the chances of robbery are reduced.
Additionally, you can promote their interest just by getting your entire team involved in the security procedures. 
Here are some areas to train your employees on:

  • Safe practices to handle and process cash
  • Reporting all kinds of suspicious activities
  • Opening and closing the business in a safe manner


5. Try finding a leader within your team 

In case of an emergency, there should be an individual who can take charge of security measures in order to protect everyone in the workplace.
Make sure you find a leader within your team who is ready to take additional responsibility. 

6. Secure all tech devices

Gadgets or tech devices are easy targets for burglars and they make every possible effort to take them along, as they are very valuable.
What you should do is ask your employees to always lock away their desktop items whenever they are away from their desks.
Especially personal items such as wallets, ID cards, and handbags should never be left unattended. 
Another thing you can do is have insurance coverage so the employees can carry their laptops with them.
In case any robbery occurs outside of the workplace, its potential costs can be reduced. 

7. Consider creating a culture around safety and security

It is important to create a culture around safety and security by scheduling regular safety sessions for all employees.
Make sure these sessions also include in-depth training for employees during their orientation.
Try providing opportunities for your employees to report suspicious activities.
In case, they are afraid of publicly speaking about a certain activity they have witnessed then ask them to report it anonymously.
Additionally, ensure their personal information will be kept private. 
There is no denying the fact the entire security implementation process can be very time consuming, but the time and energy you invest in it will pay off in the long run. 


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