Steve Jobs- An Exceptional Entrepreneur

Born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California- Steve Jobs was an American inventor, a designer and a renowned entrepreneur who co-founded Apple Computers along with Steve Wozniak.

About Steve Jobs

During his extraordinary entrepreneurship career, Steve built a business that has completely revolutionized the technology industry.

Apple offers a range of exceptional products including but not limited to iPhone, iPod, iPad and the list goes on.

These products are today seen as defining the modern technology world.

Prior to co-founding Apple in the year 1976, Steve was smart but directionless and hence, dropped out of his college and started experimenting pursuits.

Jobs left Apple in the year 1985 and launched Pixar Animation Studios, though he got back to the company after almost a decade later.

Pixar was later sold to the Walt Disney Company, in the year 2006.

In 2006, Forbes estimated the net worth of Jobs and it was somewhere between $6.5 to $7 billion.

Experts suggest, if Jobs would have retained his Apple shares that he sold in 1985, his net worth would have been $36 billion.


In the Books and Movies

Even in the world of movies and books, Steve Jobs has his name shining.

Some movies such as the Critically Panned Jobs (2013) and Steve Jobs 2015 have been among the movies on Steve Jobs.

The various book has also been written in Steve’s life and his entrepreneurship.


And the Entrepreneur Passed Away

In the age of 56, Steve died on 5th of October 2011, he fought with Pancreatic Cancer for almost a decade.

OH WOW!! (thrice) OH WOW!! OH WOW! Have been the last words by Steve according to his wife, children and his sister Patty.

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