Your break up has left you devastated. You dumped his stuff in the nearest trashcan, removed all your adorable Instagram photos, cried your eyes out, bitched it over with your girls with overflowing Cosmos. You had the perfect office relationship– until you didn’t. We are here to guide you on How To Survive an Office Break-Up.

1. Accept it

Living in denial and keeping false hopes of you and your love getting back together will only cause more suffering. Get real.

You two broke up for a reason (or several reasons), isn’t it?

Don’t hide under a duvet and call in sick- you’re not a kid anymore.

Pull yourself together and accept reality.

Dress like a bomb and channel your energy at being positive.

Accept it
Accept it


2. Treat it like a regular break- up

Don’t give in the temptation of getting back together because your issues will still pop up and things will get ugly. Again. And we don’t want that happening now, do we?

Leave your sulky self at the house and don’t treat it like anything else other than a regular break-up.


3. Be Professional

Don’t mix up your personal and professional lives.

Don’t let these issues creep in and affect your professional reputation and productivity.

Communicate with your ex only if you have to and remember to keep it short and polite.

Be Professional
Be Professional


4. Avoid the temptation to play dirty

You might want to get even with your partner and hurt them as much as they hurt you.

But, in doing so you will be dragging both your names down and it will only make things worse than they actually are.

Adding fuel to the fire or drying your dirty laundry in the office might give you a moment of relief but there’s absolutely no logical reason for you to do so.

I advise you to stick to your ground and take the high road.


5. Never talk about it in the office

Don’t drag your co-workers or your boss into a useless power play.

Zip your mouth and paste a bright smile on your face. No one really wants to know why it didn’t work out.

Of course, people want to gossip but don’t be the one starting with it in the first place.


6. Steer clear

It’s a brilliant idea to stay away from your ex because…duh!

You might feel vulnerable and weak and you don’t want them to rub salt in the wounds.

If you wish to heal and get over with it, then it’s probably best to steer clear of your ex.

Steer clear
Steer clear


7. Focus on your job

Focusing on excelling at what you do will give you less time to worry about your ex and will also help you stay sane.

Channel all your emotions into your work and make sure that’s one thing you don’t fail at.

You cannot afford to let an office relationship ruin your entire career, can you?


8. Don’t be a Drama Queen

Screaming down the hall about how unfair life or your ex has been, will stir up drama and make you look bad.

Crying in the office or asking for sympathy will only make you look weak.

Big girls don’t cry. Toughen up.

Deal with the situation head-on.


9. Be careful if you have a reporting relationship with your ex

If you made the mistake of being in a relationship on a higher level than you, then you must be a tad bit more careful.

If your ex happens to be your manager or your boss, then they also have the authority to fire you or have a lot of say in your work.

Therefore, it becomes crucial for you to know your limits and act maturely.

Be careful if you have a reporting relationship with your ex
Be careful if you have a reporting relationship with your ex