Sweet Selfie

Master the art of taking the perfect Instagram selfie with this Sweet Selfie guide


The smartphone (or selfie-stick) selfie or self-portrait has now become a popular form of self-expression.

They have taken over the internet. You can’t log in to Twitter or Snapchat or Facebook or Instagram without being assaulted by the faces of every single individual on your friend list.

Every selfie starts with a particular angle; your smartphone must be tilted at the right angle so that it highlights your best features.

Then, of course, there are the lights: the flattering glow of yellow lights of your lighted vanity mirror that add to your charm.

The pose comes next- a sideways smile to look innocent or a slight raise of an eyebrow to look enticing, a nonchalant toss of the head to look confident- Click!

Afterward, a dozen filters are applied, to soften the colors, remove blemishes, and to just get that perfect selfie. Then with a single click, you are ready to upload it on every social media site you can get your hands on.

Wouldn’t it be better if you knew the secret to getting that perfect selfie? Believe me, it isn’t rocket science.

All you need to know is how to take a SWEET selfie and wait for the likes to trickle in.


What is a Sweet Selfie?

A sweet selfie is a selfie that is sensational. It is flawless like Michelangelo’s work; it is beyond comparison.

Sweet selfie stands for a selfie that is Sizzling, Wild (with a pinch of drama), Enchanting, Enticing, and of course, Titillating.

Read the following guide on sweet selfie to know how you can learn the art of taking that perfect shot.


Be Sizzling and Seductive like Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid quickly became America’s sweetheart of the modelling world. With Gigi’s sunny disposition, California girl looks and a bonafide style that screams bonafide bombshell.

Gigi knows how to dress her luscious curves- from plunging necklines and curve-hugging dresses to midriff-baring two pieces.

She can even make a dirty t-shirt and an old pair of jeans look totally hot.

Hey, if you got it, then you gotta flaunt it. And her selfies certainly keep up with that.

Gigi Hadid

How to master the Damsel in Distress selfie look

Gigi knows better than anyone that there’s absolutely nothing sexier than a damsel in distress.

She perfectly pulls an I-just-woke-up look with her innocent face that screams “dear me”.


How you can do it

Look at Gigi and make notes! Oh, and of course you must look like a supermodel for that…


Be Enchanting like Miranda Kerr

The glamorous thirty-four-year old Miranda Kerr is unstoppable and has taken the world’s top brands one by one.

She regularly updates her fans about her whereabouts via social media and here is the lesson that we learnt from Miranda on how to click a sweet selfie.


How to nail the innocent-but sexy selfie

You don’t have to be a brunette stunner to get that sweet selfie right. Miranda’s signature selfie look is known for sending conflicting messages.

The high camera placement makes her look innocent and small but the red lips and that dimpled smile scream vixen.

Miranda Kerr

How you can do it

Apply your favorite lip color and make sure you place the camera really high (and are of course the shortest person in the room or bend your knees a little, if necessary).

Then just tilt your chin slightly in the downward direction and smile coyly with your lips closed. Brownie points for having dimples.

Pro Tip: Add some heat to this sweet selfie by pouting or winking at the camera.


Be Wild like Kendall Jenner

Kendall knows how to rock leopard print, paint her hair pink and have no regrets, and flawlessly twin with her bestie.

There’s so much to learn from Kendall Jenner. But perhaps the greatest lessons we can learn from this supermodel is how to take a bomb-ass sweet selfie.


How to get that Bewildered Babe selfie look

This is counterintuitive, but stick with us: you will have to go for the absence of facial expression here.

Sweet Selfie

How you can do it

Clear your mind and let your lips fall sack and let your mouth be slightly open (added benefit: this will accentuate your cheekbones).

Position the smartphone below you as if you were superior to all other beings. Absently or lazily gaze at the smartphone lens and snap!


Be Enticing like Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s selfie game is stronger than all of ours combined and for those of you who didn’t know: she is the most-followed person on Instagram.

How to get the Deer in the headlights selfie look

This has to be one of the easiest supermodel sweet selfie poses, Gomez’s go-to is perfect for an “oh, is someone taking a picture of me?” look. Just look incredible.

Selena Gomez

How you can do it

Relax your mouth in a manner that lets your lips slightly part and scrunch your eyes (only a little bit).

Concentrate on or away from the smartphone lens and place the smartphone at face height or just a little above, and click away!

Pro Tip: for an absolutely candid look, totally avoid looking at the smartphone.


Be Titillating like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is the queen of posting titillating selfies. She rules the selfie world by her seductive poses.

However, Kim says she has three simple rules for clicking a sweet selfie: 1. Right lighting, 2. Right angles, 3. Cropping.

Kim Kardashian

How to nail a sizzling selfie

Look ravishing 24*7 and just stick to the basics: keep the lighting, angle, and cropping in a manner that brings out your best features.


How you can do it

Strike a pose that you feel comfortable (and look sexy in). then place the camera slightly above your face and point your chin downwards.

Scrunch your eyes and look down for a sultry selfie.


How to strike the right pose for the sweet selfie?

The first step to taking a sweet selfie is by learning how to strike the right pose because frankly, that makes a huge difference to how you look and no smartphone or camera app can match that.


Pose 1

Let your feet/legs do the talking

Generally, when you think of a selfie, what immediately comes to your mind is an individual’s face.

However, a selfie isn’t just restricted to someone’s face; it is any photo of you, clicked by you.

This works well if are going to flaunt your sexy (Louboutin’s) or if you want to show off your perfectly toned and legs on a beach.

Challenge yourself, be creative and capture a selfie that is striking. Try different angles and filters until you get that perfect sweet selfie!


Pose 2

Apply the “Rule of Thirds”

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to know the rule of thirds.

You will look more unquestionably look more compelling if you placed your face in the top-right or top-left corner of the frame rather than pacing your face right in the center.

Basically, you would want your eye line to be one-third down from the top of the frame, and teensy bit off to one side of the frame.

Avoid placing yourself in the middle of the frame because that’s going to look like a driver’s license photo and we all know how extremely embarrassing that is!


Pose 3

Crop it!

If the background of your selfie is really distracting or busy then that shouldn’t stop you from taking a sweet selfie. In fact, just crop it real tight.

This not only gets your pretty face up close and highlights your best features, but also crops out your (awkward) hand.

You can either hold the phone really close or you can simply zoom in. not only will your background be decluttered but your face will magically appear more proportionate.


Pose 4

Play with Water

We already saw how Kendall does it but that’s not the only way to get a sweet selfie.

Laze around in a swimming pool and show off your bikini body or jump in a hot jacuzzi with a glass of (insert fancy wine) and have some fun!

Just be careful enough so as to not end up with your phone next to you in that hot bathtub!


Pose 5

Selfie of selfie

Let’s be honest with each other; we have all been there.

We have all asked our girlfriends to take a selfie while we pretended to take a selfie and it looked like we were caught taking that selfie.

Yes, it looks incredibly sexy and we have nothing to be guilty about. It looks flattering and there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t do that.

If you’re not into that, you can just buy a selfie stick and look just as interesting and flattering.


Pose 6

Use both your hands

For those ofyou who are blessed with well-defined arms, well just know that we envy you. Show them off as you take a sweet selfie using both your hands.

This will also help in keeping the camera more stable and will help you reduce the chances of ending up with a blurred selfie.


Tips and tricks to master the art of taking a sweet selfie

Once you’ve learnt how to strike a pose for a sweet selfie it is time to get you acquainted with a few ingenious sweet selfie tips.


Tip 1

Find an angle that works for you

I cannot emphasize enough but angles make a huge difference and can completely change the way you look. Tilt your phone at a 30 or a 45-degree angle – find what works for you.

Tilt your phone or your face for that matter and find which side of your face looks better than the other. Also, flaunting your attractive side is much better than a full faced photo.

Tip 2

Pay attention to your Shoulder placement

It matters more than you think it does, and I know most of you are like “what?” but turn your shoulders a little bit rather than placing them parallel to the camera and see what looks the best.

Tip 3

Lighting is the key to a sweet selfie

You must have probably noticed how much all the above-mentioned celebrities looked in different types of lighting and how they have (unlike you) mastered the key to clicking a sweet selfie.

Try and click a selfie with as much as natural light possible- indoors or outdoors- use all sorts of lights from soft yellow lights to sunshine.

Your selfie is guaranteed to be more stunning if you have good lighting. To find the perfect lighting, experiment with the angles and snap away when you find a decent background with excellent lighting!

You can effortlessly click a sweet selfie if you do it during the magic hour. And what exactly is a magic hour? It is a period of two hours- one hour before the sunset and one hour after sunrise.

Tip 4

Use Props

You can choose anything as your prop to add more to your sweet selfie. Don’t like the way you look? Fret not.

Just grab your favorite Miu Miu glares and use it as your prop.

Frame your photo in a way that also accentuates your props if they really are that good.

Show off your new highlights, for instance, or just pose with a cute puppy. Remember to be creative and you’ll definitely rock that selfie.

Tip 5

Do something fun

We don’t want to see you boring activities; we want you to do something interesting and fun like scuba diving in the ocean or skydiving. Instagram that and let the likes pour in!

Tip 6

Add up some accessories

You must be artistic and unique if you really want to take a sweet selfie.

Don on something fancy or sultry, choose the right accessories according to your mood and the type of selfie you are aiming to click. Don a colorful wig for all we care!

Tip 7

Be Expressive

Pout/smile/frown or just stick to making silly faces (except, of course, the duck face) and express yourself via your sweet selfie.

Tip 8

Full-Body pictures will always be in

Flaunt your best features in front of a full-length mirror and take a sweet selfie by placing your body in a manner that helps you look the best version of yourself.

Tip 9

Set your shutter button

Set your camera’s shutter if you can for a steady shot. Do I even have to say more?


Tip 10

Work your neck

this works like magic for those of you who have a double chin. To eliminate your double chin and draw attention to your jawline, just move your neck in the forward direction.

It sounds inane, but it will completely transform the way you look. Raise your smartphone slightly over you and look up to draw more attention to your jaw.

Tip 11

Use a good selfie stick

You don’t have to be cheesy and always have an awkward hand in all of your selfies.

Be smart and invest in a good selfie stick that will ensure you have a sweet selfie every single time you click!

Best smartphones for clicking a sweet selfie

There are plenty of companies providing decent smartphones but do they guarantee the best camera?

We bring you a list of the best smartphones for getting that sweet selfie right!

#1 iPhone X

For those of you who absolutely can’t sacrifice on a sweet selfie, this one’s just for you. Undoubtedly, the iPhone X has the best camera.

Packed with a 12- megapixel wide angle and telephoto cameras, you will look amazing even on your worst days.

Simply because this smartphone completely transforms the way you look by accentuating your best features. All you have to do is tap on the click button and you’re good to go!

Price: INR 95,390 for 64 GB

INR 108,930 for 256 GB


#2 OnePlus 5T

The second smartphone on this list is One Plus’s 5T.

The company claims to have a powerful processor and a dual camera rear sensor which by the way is a combination of 16 MP and 20 MP primary and secondary cameras- which helps in making it one of the best sweet selfie cameras.

Price: INR 32,999 for 6 GB RAM + 64 GB Storage

INR 37,999 for 8 GB RAM + 128 GB Storage


#3 Vivo V7 or V7+

Another smartphone that has a superb camera is the Vivo V7 or V7+.

The best feature of this smartphone is that it has a ‘Moonlight Glow’ light that enables the user to get clear and crisp shots. And the 24-megapixel camera totally helps!

Price: INR 18,990 for V7

INR 21,990 for V7+

INR 22,990 for V7+ Manish Malhotra Limited Edition


#4 Oppo F5

Oppo’s F5 smartphone uses artificial intelligence (AI) and has a selfie camera of 20 megapixels.

The photos are pretty decent and the smartphone is equipped with a feature of portrait mode to help you click a sweet selfie with a blurred background.

Price: INR 17,990 for Oppo F5

INR 20,990 for Oppo F5 Siddarth Limited Edition


#5 Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Another smartphone that has successfully made it to the best smartphone for sweet selfie list is the galaxy J7 Pro, which has a fantastic rear camera along with an equally amazing selfie shooter.

We agree that it isn’t as fast as the rest but the long battery life definitely makes up for it.

Price: INR 19,900


#6 Honor 9i

This unique smartphone has dual cameras at the front and is therefore among the best sweet selfie smartphones you can buy today.

It has all the bokeh and beauty modes and the photo quality meets the expectations of a smartphone of this caliber.

Price: $399.98


#7 Gionee A1

Another budget sweet selfie smartphone is the Gionee’s A1 that has a 16 MP front camera which guarantees good sweet selfies in normal lighting conditions but falters a little in low lighting.

The rear camera of this smartphone is good too.

Price: INR 19,999


#8 Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

for those of you who are looking for a decent sweet selfie smartphone with a limited budget, Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 5 Pro is the phone for you.

This smartphone is the best to get around the 10K price tag and has a whopping 20- megapixel camera.

The Sony sensor is paired with a 4500 K selfie light that guarantees improved complexion and fantastic images even in low lighting.

Price: From INR 13,999


The best sweet selfie apps for Android and IOS

These apps will help you reach out your social media audience in a better way with less effort.

The best selfie apps listed below are for Android and IOS to give you more freedom to take perfect sweet selfies in a jiffy!


App 1

Selfiegenic Camera

B612 Selfiegenic Camera has been voted as No.1 in the App Store in 52 countries. With 300+ billion users, this app is one of the best sweet selfie apps of all times.

With new sticker launches every day that helps in capturing your mood, each snap with this app is fan-fuc***ng-tastic.


App 2


This is ‘The App’ if you wish to express yourself with filters and cool stickers. They have a filter for every occasion and works like a charm for every face type.

You can choose from over a hundred stickers and can also doodle over your photos.

This funky app also comes with timer making and watermarking tools along with a collage maker that make it an all-rounder photo-editing app.

Now that’s what we call creative.


App 3


This app can be used as a photo editing app as well as for taking a sweet selfie.

The unique selfie feature of this app allows multi-face detection that enables its users to edit each and every face in group shots.

You can also add contours, look leaner and taller and reduce puffiness around your eyes to bring out the best in you!

This app also lets you set a timer for your photos or clicks if you wave your hand at it.

App 4

Candy Camera

Perhaps this is the only sweet selfie app that comes with a silent mode that enables its users to click away silently with their Android phones.

Like other apps, Candy Camera too, has new stickers for every occasion, trend and season.

You can also add filters just by simply swiping left or right to get to the best filter to apply to your photos and snaps in real time.

App 5


Capture perfect selfies instantly with the Cymera sweet selfie app. The special selfie effects add a pop to your face and has a simple five-step process that helps you get the perfect skin makeover.

With over two hundred kinds of makeup items and natural hair effects, the app gives you complete control over the final image.

You can also bring together up to nine shots into one, add HD effects and blur backgrounds-all just a single tap away.

Oh, and the best part though? Y

ou can get your dream body by simply shaping your legs and toning your waist. Maybe it’s time to bid goodbye to the gym

App 6


This sweet selfie app lets you transform your selfie into a more gorgeous selfie. This app has about fifty million users and needless to say it is a great app for taking selfies.

It comes with a Quicksnap feature that enables you to beautify your photos and videos and also lets you get a noselift or a facelift to bring out the best in you!

App 7

Sweet Selfie

Packed with a smart auto beauty feature, this app is the best beauty camera app that you can get your hands on today.

This exclusive app comes with free filters, giddy and prank stickers, and original face recognition to match your personality.

Sweet Selfie app offers its users more than a hundred filters to make their selfies funky and amusing.

You can beautify your photos with a single tap and can even blur backgrounds.

App 8


This sweet selfie app comes with a hundred and twenty-five real-time filters that help the user visualize the final output in real-time before clicking the image.

It also has an inbuilt timer that gives its users more time to prepare themselves for the shot.

App 9


Unlike all the above-mentioned apps, this sweet selfie app is a paid app. You can get this app at the app store for a mere amount of $4 and has value for money.

It lets you retouch your photos in a flash- remove red-eye, whiten your teeth, color gray hair, among a plethora of other features. You can even apply makeup or blur backgrounds.

App 10


This sweet selfie app comes with an abundance of aftereffects for tweaking your images by providing you with a plenty of purchasable content and filters.

The best feature about this app other than helping you beautify your images is that it helps you create your images into memes. Isn’t that fun?


App 11


Okay, you might not think of this sweet selfie app as an actual selfie app but isn’t that what it’s is used for? (Apart from sending nudes I mean).

It might have a built-in social networking platform but undoubtedly it has one of the best selfie experiences of all time.

Animations, filters, stickers, Bitmoji- Snapchat has it all. And the best part? It’s multi-platform. And Free.

App 12


According to the US Weekly, this sweet selfie app is used by the famous Kardashian sisters to enhance their selfies (they do hire professionals to Photoshop their looks, but that’s not the point here).

The noteworthy feature of this app is its ability to adjust the intensity of the effects with the help of a slider.

What’s more is that it has twenty different tools to help you tweak your selfie until its perfect and has a handful of celebrity-inspired templates.

App 13


This remarkable sweet selfie app has an extremely attractive and sleek interface. This app is excellent for applying warmth, contrast, sharpness and brightness tweaks on the fly.

Moreover, it offers a diverse assortment of filters that help you enhance your images.

App 14

PIP Camera

This funky sweet selfie app offers various templates that assist you to crop your latest image.

The frames utilize the pic-in-pic format that allows you to emblazon your face inside a host of objects like a glass bottle, a bubble, and even a Polaroid.

The glass bottle frame actually looks like a digital version of a message in a bottle. Level up your selfie game and flaunt your creative side!

App 15

Selfie Editor

This app is an extension of the Facetune app and offers a large number of features that help you quickly make changes to your snaps.

From airbrushing to full-fledged liquidation tools, this sweet selfie app has a lot to offer.

This easy editor also allows its users to outfit their selfies with a range of different tones and hues after your initial edits.

App 16

Microsoft Selfie

This apt-titled app includes superb features like noise reduction, auto exposure, and intelligent portrait enhancement which when combined together result in a fantastic selfie- a selfie that takes into account excellent lighting, your skin tone, gender, and age.

Now that you’ve finished reading the sweet selfie guide, we wish you all the luck with your next selfie!


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