The Best of the Grand Theft Auto Games

The Grand Theft Auto series is among the most popular games one can play online at the moment. This is an action-adventure series that David Jones and Mike Dailly gave to the world. The development of the game was done by Rockstar North, while Rockstar Games did the publishing.
The series involves fictional locales around the Vice City, San Andreas, and Liberty City, and these represent the New York City, California, and Miami. When the first in the legal Grand Theft Auto series arrived, it comprised of three cities. But the others were set in a single city.
In the games, the player is left in an open world situation and is allowed to select the missions to embark on. There are also some side activities that make the game enticing and they include;

  • Racing and Stealth Activities
  • Role Playing Actions
  • Third Person Shooting
  • Driving
  • Action Adventure


The Grand Theft Auto Games

We cannot complete the review without mentioning that there are 3 major issues in the Grand Theft Auto series, just like many mobile casinos like baccarat online and free slots that may come in series.
If you want to play pokies. When you want to enjoy the play station VR, you can choose any of the three games to play. They include:

  • Grand Theft Auto 1
  • Grand Theft Auto 2
  • Grand Theft Auto 3


Grand Theft Auto 2 review

Among the online games in the Grand Theft Auto series, the Grand Theft Auto 2 stands tall. Now, we acknowledge that you will always find something that will draw you towards choosing something above the others, and this driving factor is different for different individuals.
But if you love to play gaming, you will discover that among the Grand Theft Auto series, the Grand Theft Auto 2 has something unique about it. This makes it the most popular in the series, even though it is not new. This top rated game has a very unique way of bringing together the amazing graphical effects of the PC version of the game and the exciting feature of the PlayStation version. With this, it knocks off the others in the series.
It comes with a very simple concept, where you will allow the criminal gangs in the city to hire you, and where you will follow all their orders to wreak havoc in the city. Here, you will be up for assassinating individuals, fighting a SWAT team and many other violent missions. You can get involved in a carjacking, you can smash civilians around you, and you can murder the cops as you wish.
The game comes with 3 different levels and each level has three turns with different rival gangs in control of those. You will come in as the young and bubbling criminal and will try to impress the gangs so that your name will be up there among the big and respectable criminals.
Though it comes with the same gameplay as the original Grand Theft Auto, there are some extra strands of fun. You are allowed more freedom to choose the gang to work with, there are amazing lighting effects and the play station VR’s comical aspect is top notch.


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