The Checklist For Your New Home

The Checklist For Your New Home

Every comfy space needs these four basic elements.


In the hustle of everyday life, home can be a sanctuary of peace and quiet in this unforgiving and often challenging world.

So whether you’re making a home from scratch or moving into a built space, make sure it’s got these four basic essentials:


1. Air and Light

Air and Light

Some builders are known for taking shortcuts, especially when we talk about good light and proper ventilation.

Lack of sunlight and air circulation may not have adverse effects on our health, but it sure isn’t healthy.

Turn your gloomy spaces into bright, cheerful rooms by getting some professional help. They may tear down some walls, create skylights, create windows or join two rooms to fill your home with cool breeze and warm sunlight.

Neat interiors and a balcony can completely transform your space.


2. Greenery


To add some serenity to the house, try and create green spaces in every room.

Go for smaller plants like succulents, shrubs or other perennial plants if you have a small home.

Other plants like ferns, bamboo palms and money plants and are all natural air purifiers.

If you have a balcony then you can even create a cozy seating space overlooking your tiny plants as they bask in the glory of sunlight, air, and rain.

Just make sure you have a proper drainage system else you’ll end up creating a mess.


3. Protection


India’s climate has seen a dramatic change in the last decade.

Highs and lows of seasons and temperatures can sometimes be tough on your furniture, doors, windows, and exteriors.

To preserve your interiors and exteriors, invest wisely – choose sturdy over pretty so that they are well-protected from heat and rain.

This will make you feel more secure and also ensure that your house looks beautiful inside-out. Win-win!


4. Storage


Even Monica (from the popular TV show ‘Friends’) needed a separate room to store the er…extra items. Make sure you have spare space for all your extra stuff.

You can also increase existing storage space by making small changes around your home like installing knobs and hooks, getting cabinet and drawer organizers, and using vertical spaces.

You could also switch your furniture with ones that have built-in shelves or boxes.


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