The Importance of Local Marketing for Small Businesses 

Starting a business is both an exciting and daunting process. There are undoubtedly lots of premonitions running through the head of any entrepreneur; however, one of the most common and pressing will be how do you attract customers, especially in the face of larger corporations? 
It will come as no surprise that if you are a small business, though it isn’t impossible, you will struggle to compete with large global conglomerates. That being said, there are options available to smaller businesses that will allow you to thrive, even in the face of industry giants. 
One of these methods is to enlist the help of link building services. By going to, businesses can work with researchers and writers in order to have their content featured on pages that rank highly on Google, leading to much more online visibility and increased website traffic. 
Another option that is available to small businesses and which is much more grassroots is to invest time into local marketing. This is an incredibly effective technique when it comes to generating business. Below are some common strategies that are tried and tested by small businesses and continue to prove to be successful. 

Network with Other Local Businesses 

This is an especially good technique to employ if you are situated in a small town that doesn’t have any other businesses offering what you do. You should reach out to other small businesses and advise on the service you provide; this will increase your overall exposure and help generate local clients. You can even ask these businesses that you are on good terms with to post flyers through doors in highly trafficked areas that they work in. Local people often want to support local businesses; they just need to be aware that they’re available. 
You should also look out for church or fraternal organisations that you can work with voluntarily. Doing this will further increase your exposure in the local community and is excellent for building a positive reputation around your brand. 
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Prepare Ads to Hand Out 

As mentioned above, it could be incredibly helpful if other local businesses gave potential customers flyers. That being said, for this to happen, you will need to create flyers that you are able to hand out. 
Though the internet is an incredibly helpful marketing tool, when trying to appeal to local people, it can be much more effective to hand out tangible representations of your business. Flyers are excellent promotional tools as they allow you to convey a lot of information in a little amount of time. By providing your company details, logo, and a write-up on what you do, people will know exactly what they can expect if they engage with your services. 

Other Types of Basic Local Marketing 

Another form of local marketing that can be incredibly effective for generating clients close to home is also one of the most classic, which is simply a good business card. Giving these out as you meet people from similar companies, different companies, or general consumers is a great way of not only ensuring that people will use your services but also know how to return. 
They can drive people to your website or encourage them to get in contact with any questions, all of which will eventually lead to more business. 
Yes, if you really want to grow your business, you will need to have a strong online presence. This can include using link building services, creating SEO optimised content, or paying for ad space on Google and social media. However, in order to build momentum and start generating sales, you may want to consider staying local at first and branching out. This is a much more sociable type of marketing and can be incredibly effective for gaining customers and making valuable connections. 
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