The Most Special Valentine’s Day Gift is Here

So, the day of couples- 14th February is here. Are you browsing the web for best valentine’s day gift for him/her? The most special Valentine’s day gift is here!

What are you thinking about?
A couple’s watch?
A teddy bear with some chocolates and perfume?
A surprise dinner?
Any expensive gift like an iPhone or something?
Or maybe a photo frame to titivate on your bedroom wall?

This is what normal couples think and do every passing valentine’s day, don’t they?

So many gift options out there make the situation very confusing. What should you buy?

Now ask yourself, do you want to do the same common “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH” followed by a gift?

If not, then here is what you need to gift him/her this valentine:

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Him/Her


1. Buy some Time for Each Other

Buy some Time for Each Other
Buy some Time for Each Other

Fast paced life, extremely tight schedules and hence, no time for each other. This has become a common complaint among couples today.

Especially working couples have a very tough love life. And slowly and gradually, they become used to of each other’s schedule, a harsh reality.

Promise her today that you will give her a couple of hours (or at least one) every day. Trust me, you will find her blushing on the go.

Remember, do what you say, don’t just make a promise.


2. Gift them Respect

What was the last time when you kissed her forehead?

There are some signs of respect and forehead kiss is on top of the list.

Even with a tight hug or looking deep into each other’s eyes, you can say it all without giving your feelings a word.

Try this tonight when you reach home, she’ll surely love it!


3. Gift them Care and Attention

Gift them Care and Attention
Gift them Care and Attention

“You are looking gorgeous today!”

This is a very small but very effective sentence for her.

She must be waiting for these words for so long.

Or do something you have never done before.

This is the most surprising and lovely way to impress him/her.

Have you ever sung to each other? If not, then do it today!

Have you ever danced for her? Prepare one and do it in front of her today!

Always remember- Small things Matter a lot to Girls!


4. Gift them Compassion and Empathy

Being in a relationship never means that you both have to be good mind readers.

Keep communicating with each other and this is how a relationship grows and develops.

Sense of compassion and understanding will reflect in your relationship only when the right communication is in place.


5. Forgive Each Other

Mistakes are part of life, couples spend a very long time being separate from each other due to those small or big mistakes, no matter who did it, no matter who says sorry first, nothing matters more than your relationship!

Of course, the sentence is long but makes a lot of sense.

Saying Sorry won’t affect your self-respect, it will reflect that you care about your relationship more than anything.

If you haven’t talked or met for long, call each other, ask for a cup of coffee!

If she/he is missing any of these above-mentioned points in life, remember, no expensive gift will work today… or ever!

Material, Things and Beauty won’t Last Forever, but True Love Will!


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