Things To Be Considered Before Hiring A Funeral Director In NZ

Funeral directors are administrators and caregivers. They organize for the deceased’s transportation, complete all appropriate documentation, and carry out the decisions made by your family for the funeral and final disposition of your loved one. A mortuary is in charge of caring for the dead and preparing it for burial or cremation.

Choosing a funeral director or mortuary is a major decision that is frequently made during some of life’s most stressful times. However, because no two funeral directors or mortuaries are alike, it’s critical that you select the one that best meets your requirements.

Here are some things to think about when researching your options:

Their Costs – Funeral directors are required by law to present you with pricing information. This law permits providers to charge a basic price for overhead and the most common services that families require, as well as additional costs for goods and services relevant to the final arrangements. Request a copy of their entire price list. If a mortuary is unable or unwilling to give this, they are breaking federal law and you should seek treatment elsewhere.

Their Products, Services, And Facilities — Do they provide the products and services you require? Are they able to keep control of the remains till the burial at their own facility? This is a major security concern for several families. Is their facility equipped with the features you require?

Their Track Record – A good funeral director or mortuary will have a solid reputation in the community and great client feedback. Check with friends and family to see whether they have used this funeral home or funeral director before and would recommend it to you.

Their Possession – Many of the mortuaries that were originally family-owned and run are now owned and controlled by a major national corporation across the country. This means that the company headquarters, not the people you’ll be working with, determines their fees, policies, and procedures. If you value ownership, make sure to inquire about it. Olive Tree Mortuary is a family-owned and run business, which allows us to keep our rates modest and give you with compassionate, customized service.

Their Qualifications – Is their license up to date? Do they have any credentials? Are they a member of any of the industry’s professional organizations, such as the National Funeral Directors Association? These items will allow you to see what they did to become a funeral director and what they are doing to stay current with industry trends and news.

How They Handle You – Are you at ease around the funeral director? Do they have a compassionate attitude? Are they caring and considerate of your beliefs, culture, and way of life? Is it true that they are good listeners? Do you believe they understand your goals and are devoted to assisting you in achieving them?

How Accommodating They Are — If your loved one did not pre-plan their funeral, a skilled funeral director can assist you in understanding your options and making all of the necessary decisions.


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