Things To Do In A Failed Attempt Of Instagram Verification

Are you wondering what can you do if your request for account verification by Instagram is denied? Well, to start with be informed that you cannot apply for verification once again until and unless 30 days have passed.
By this time, all that you need to do is review your account yourself and find out the possible reasons for denial by Instagram. You can also read the community guidelines and service terms to make sure that your account complies with all the basic requirements regarding content and other aspects.
You must make sure that you do everything possible and in your hands to prove and improve the authenticity and genuineness of your Instagram account. You can do this is several different ways.

Things to do

You can share your Instagram account in other different communication and social media channels. Though there is no guarantee that Instagram will be gaga over it but there is a high chance that they will favour your account next time you apply for verification. There are several ways in which you can do this such as:

  • By sending out emails and newsletters
  • Adding the account in the signature
  • Embedding it in the blog posts
  • Using it in your business cards
  • Adding it in your product packaging and
  • Making it your signage at an event or your store.

In addition to that, you may also be better off next time if you add a reliable and verifiable link on your Instagram profile that will take users to your website. However, when you add such a link, just make sure that the link added connects to your website and not to any other social network because Instagram will never like that idea and again deny verifying your account.
You will also be benefitted by a great deal if you promote your Instagram account on your website and other different social media profiles.

  • This will help you to clear out any confusion regarding your official account.
  • It will also help you to increase the reach of your account to a larger audience which will affect positively in your verification process as Instagram prefers accounts that have a large fan following.

Another easy option to look for when you are wondering How to get a verified Instagram account is to include a link to your account on other social media profiles, online profiles, and pages, apart from your website.
Focus this time on writing a good Bio keeping in mind the brand aesthetic all the time and make it as consistent as possible. The primary thing in a strong Bio is that:

  • It must convey a strong personality and show who you are and what you do more clearly.
  • It is also a good idea to include an attractive and compelling Call to Action along with some relevant keywords in your Bio.

When it comes to the brand aesthetic, try to maintain a steady Instagram look by using the same filter for all your posts. This will help you to convey the message to your users that your account is legitimate and real.
When you are sure that everything this time is just as required by Instagram and 30 days have passed, go and submit your application for account verification once again. you can rest assured that you will get it verified this time now that you have stuck to a suitable and good Instagram strategy and at the same time have managed to create a larger and more dedicated fan following.

Few other aspects to care for

Before you hit the submit button it will pay well if you just revivify your account to make sure that it is complete and correct in all respects.

  • Make sure that you have a very strong social link as that will help you a lot in improving your social media presence. Instagram will use this as a very strong determining factor as to whether or not verify your account as all accounts are vulnerable to the potential risk of impersonation. If your company is right on the line it will help to avoid being denied for a second time as Instagram verifies such vulnerable accounts as it may damage the customers and the public at large which is the prime concern of Instagram.
  • Also, make sure that you have not provided any false info in your account like before or have bypassed or streamlined anything that will subvert the account verification process otherwise. Remember, Instagram can not only deny verifying an account containing false or misleading info but can also remove the verification badge or even potentially delete an account as a punishment.
  • Do not try to gain in a number of followers by hook or by crook as for an account to be verified by Instagram the follower count does not really matter though it is plus if you have a large following. Believe it or not, even accounts that have less than a thousand Instagram followers often get verified and have that blue badge while on the other hand accounts that have millions of followers often get denied for the Instagram verification badge. It’s not easy to get an Instagram blue badge if you’re not a real celebrity which makes verification on Instagram so tough.
  • What you should do is focus more on global presence rather than follower count. This is because small and localized businesses often fail to make the cut even if it is a national brand as compared to those global brands that have low fan following. That means, if you are a startup, you must certainly refrain from getting your account verified simply based on your venture funding.
  • Lastly, you must have patience and perseverance and wait for a few news cycles which will help you to earn a respectable position as well as a better online presence. These two are the most important factors that Instagram considers apart from a product that has a popular following.

With these few basic things kept in mind and followed you will be able to provide Instagram with exactly what it is looking for in your accounts and get it verified to get that much sought after blue check mark beside your name and get the desired marketing boost.


Navrajvir Singh
Navrajvir Singh
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