This is How You Should ACTUALLY Be Sending Flowers This Valentine’s

Sending flowers during Valentine’s day sounds cliché but people never stop doing it simply because people love flowers.

Receiving or sending flowers to your loved ones fills you with a warm fuzzy feeling. I mean who doesn’t want to be remembered by their loved ones?

We bring you this handy guide that teaches you the correct way of sending flowers and how you can add more to your Valentine’s day.

Don’t be unimaginative or boring.

Whether it’s a bunch of beautiful Lilums for your wife or a spray of roses for your mother, revamp the way you send flowers by making a tiny but profound change: add a vase.

Vase to your love is what an impeccably chosen tie is to a businessman and will bring out all the elements that would otherwise go unnoticed by pulling together a fantastic overall look.

It will also inject a personal touch- something that will definitely add more love to your valentines and make your love feel a tad bit extra special.

Research has shown individuals who received flowers tend to respond with heartfelt smiles than those who received fruit baskets or candles.

Also, individuals who received flowers remained happier for the next three days compared to those who received other gifts for the Valentine’s.

Following are the ways how you can customize a vase and make it count:

  1. Add pictures

Pick out your favourite photos and create a unique design for the vase.

Include a variety of photos: candid photos, classic photos, everyday images, still-life shots, or anything that you would want to see every day.

Make it even more personal by making it look similar to a wedding bouquet or like the one you gave her when you first asked her out.

Add pictures
Add pictures


  1. Scribble/Doodle

This one is especially for the grandparents.

Give your kids the freedom to go wild with their colours. Add tiny notes on behalf of all the family members and make it personal.

Slip in some blooms of your kids’ choice and send it across.

We bet that would make any grandma’s heart burst with pride!

Scribble or doodle
Scribble or doodle


  1. Mix-n-match

Photos on the vase or not, pick the flowers in a manner that it adds a pop of colour.

Express yourself using different colours. Switch over to high-contrast.

Pair up two dozen pink and blue flowers and sweep her off the floor!

Play around with the flowers until you find what you were looking for.



  1. Create a scene

Create a scene, create a memory.

Make it special by coordinating your Valentine’s Day flowers with your special location- your honeymoon destination or your usual spot in the park- whatever it is.

Fly in flowers from your location or buy her a vase from that antique shop in that city to up the charm quotient.

Create a scene
Create a scene


  1. Go that extra mile and make it special

Choose something that is very close to both of you- the woven scarf he/she knit you, or your special blanket (on which you first ahem…did the nasty) or your first love letter.

Add that element to your vase along with a fresh bunch of pretty flowers and watch your love fall for you all over again!

Make it special
Make it special


  1. Send that Gift

Add more to your day by sending that gift your partner has been eyeing for a long time with your pretty flowers in that vase.

Whatever it is- Tiffany hoops or a pair of Alexander Wang boots- send it along with this to add that spark in your relationship again.

Send that Gift
Send that Gift


  1. (Try to) be an artist

If you got someone who would prefer a handmade gift rather than something you bought from the shelves, then get artistic.

Draw your most cherished moments in a creative manner.

Do as you please with the vase. Colour it, tweak it-just make it memorable and incredibly special.

Channel the kid in you and give your best shot. Remember, a diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections.

Be an artist
Be an artist


  1. Color code

If you aren’t very creative or have to pick up a vase last minute, then the least you can do is send a vase of your lover’s favorite color.

Or buy something that would go really well on your bedroom shelf or wherever you intend to keep it.

Pay attention to the details and make it count!

Color code
Color code


9. DIY Vase

This one is especially for all the hopeless romantics.

Make a cute DIY vase out of something that has a special connection with both of you like your favorite bottle of wine or beer or your favourite coffee mug.

Rekindle the romance already!

DIY Vase
DIY Vase


10. Pour your heart out

What could be better than writing down how you feel about them?

Tell them how you feel about them by getting it engraved on that beautiful vase.

P.S: You could also get your wedding vows engraved.

Pour your heart out
Pour your heart out

Good luck with your love!


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