Three Stages of Life and Auto Insurance Needs

Experts suggest that motorists should check their auto insurance coverage every year and adjust for the changes that happened in the last year. However, only few people would re-evaluate policies every year. Then it is strongly suggested that at certain stages of life you should sit down and go through the changes as a minimum requirement.

You should have a look at what changed in your life and what other additions you need on the policy. Once you determine the level of cover you should look for the best insurer for the current circumstances. When the requirements and particulars change considerably, quotes offered by various companies change as well.

First-Time Drivers and Youngsters: 

These are exciting times. Passing your driving test and buying your first car are pretty special. No wonder that you would not be excited to buy your first policy. You probably struggled to put the money together to buy your first automobile and you may even need help from your parents to cover the cost of insuring it. These are hardly ideal circumstances to buy the best policy coverage possible.

Also, auto insurers would most likely come up with very expensive quotes that makes it harder to choose the policy you like. It would not be a surprise at all if you go for the cheapest policy available to allow you legally drive. However, you will need to think hard to buy decent coverage if you have a reasonably costly automobile.    

Starting a Family: 

This is a very important stage in people’s life. Those days of caring only about your needs are over and you probably cannot keep that two seater sports car or just have a motorbike. You need a large enough automobile to carry not only your family but all the toys and buggies that come with them.

Naturally, people move to a much more protective stage in their lives. The safety features they did not care about when they were alone now becomes paramount. Family friendly and safer vehicles are generally the choice of these drivers.

Furthermore, people start thinking more about the future in these years. They want to own a home and start a college fund for their children. The costs are higher as well since you cater for more people. Fortunately, you are not going to be charged extortionate rates like teenagers anymore and enjoy inexpensive vehicle insurance thanks to discounts you can qualify for.

People start getting lower rates as soon as they reach the age of 25, when they get married and if they pick a safer auto. Home ownership affords you further savings as well. You can bring down the cost of insuring family vehicles by bundling them as well as buying multi-car policies.

You need to spare a few minutes and go through all your current needs and make the changes on your coverage. Then, as discussed above you need to find the most competitive auto insurer for your circumstances since you can think of many places to spend the savings.

Older Drivers: 

Once you are over the age of 65 you are probably alone again as children left home. Your auto usage and insurance needs will change due to retirement and less errands to run. Also, the rates may start climbing up again if you are not careful. These are the times you need to keep watching your driving and improving. Otherwise, you miss this car coming at a high speed, fail to apply the brake in time and so on and suddenly you pick some claims.

For drivers with good driving history, it may be a good choice to buy accident forgiveness. It should not really cost much considering its long history. You could start searching for insurers that are kinder to elderly drivers. There are some who offer discounts for over 50s. 


Alexandra Arcand
Alexandra Arcand
Alexandra Arcand writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, She loves classic cars and enjoys educating others about information such as events and insurance rates.

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