6 Tips to Amp Up Your Promotional Cosmetic Display

The cosmetics industry is getting more and more saturated as the years go by. It is crucial for cosmetic brands to create something creative and eye-catching to attract potential customers.
There are many ways that brands can attract customers. Some of which is by providing a unique gift with purchase, purchase with purchase, etc.
In this article, we will be giving you several tips and tricks that you can implement in your next marketing campaign to attract customers and gain more attention. 
Here are some insider’s tips on how you can amp up your promotional cosmetic display:

1. Celebrity

This is extremely popular in the Korean Makeup Industry. Making use of celebrities on your cosmetic promotional display will be sure to help you boost sales.
This is because many fans will be interested to purchase products that are used by their favourite celebrity.
Signing a contract with trending celebrities will help increase brand awareness, as well as brand visibility.
Having celebrities spread positive comments about your brand and talk about their satisfying experience with your brand will definitely allow you to gain more customers. Even those who were not paying attention to your brand before, if their idol is promoting your product, there is a very high chance that they will purchase from you as a result of it. 

2. Interactive

Including a QR code will be able to create interaction and engagement between your brand and customers. More engagement with customers will lead to a more positive overall experience.
The QR code can lead customers to various social media websites or platforms. Some examples are your company’s Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, or even your website.
Our favourite is to link our customers to a survey or feedback form. This way, you can get feedback on your customer service provided and improve wherever needed.
By doing this, your customers will feel that they are special and that you are listening to them. Not only so, but your brand can make use of this and get potential customers’ email and phone number. This gives you additional means to contact them and send them marketing messages. 

3. Exclusivity 

It is important to mention the exclusivity of your products or promotion. Exclusive products will allow customers to feel the need to purchase these products quickly before they are not available anymore.
Giving a time period to be able to purchase your products will generate buzz and lead more customers to your store as well. Be sure to make it obvious on your promotional display. One great example is “1 for 1 Till The End of July!”.

4. Simplicity 

If your promotional cosmetic display is too extravagant, it is likely to backfire as consumers may view the products as messy.
Therefore, it is important to consider the type of POS display stand and your main message for customers before executing the plan to make one.
Having a simple design will draw consumers to your booth since it is so clean and easy to look through the products without being overwhelmed. 

5. Strategic placement

Placing your promotional display by the entrance of the store will definitely get you the attention that you want. It tempts the customers to check out your products and feel inclined to make a purchase due to the stunning design.
Since the design is eye-catching and sure to create interest, you will have little to no issues pushing sales when your promotional display is at a strategic location.

6. LED lights 

LED displays will draw customers to your booth because they are able to attract attention successfully. Customers will find this display intriguing.
We are often lost in the sea of similar looking products. This is where the refreshing and attention grasping LED display can allow your brand to gain a competitive advantage against rivals.
The LED promotional cosmetic display is also visible from a distance, thus, effective in raising brand awareness. This results in not only catching the eye of unassuming visitors but also returning customers will be able to spot you with ease!
Here are the benefits of having a great promotional cosmetics display:

1. Prominence

Well-managed POS displays will be able to successfully market your products due to its eye-catching presence.
Point of sale displays with great designs with the goal of attracting your potential customers and increase brand visibility will be able to make a statement in a store with competing brands. Not only so, it greatly boosts your brand recognition as well. 

2. Exclusivity 

Your promotional cosmetic display will make your products exclusive by highlighting your best-selling products, along with your current promotion.
Most customers will be attracted to products that are on promotion, and by highlighting your current promotion, customers will be inclined to purchase from you. This gives you a competitive advantage against competitors, and effectively draw customers to your booth or store.

3. Variety

It is important that you give your consumers options. People love options and they will be attracted to whichever brand that has the most variety. This is because they love to have the freedom to choose.
Therefore, do not just simply display one product on your promotional cosmetic display. Have several products displayed on your promotional counter and customers will be more tempted to choose more than one product to purchase. This is for sure going to help drive sales!

4. Affordability 

Having a good POS display for your product is cost-effective as it can be reused for future marketing campaigns. You just have to simply change the display of products to make it look different! It is profit maximising since it is effective in gaining attention and fantastic at boosting sales. 
For more information, please click here to find out more marketing tips for your business, and how they can be the key in vastly improving your business. 


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