Top 10 G-suite Apps For Small Business Owners

Being a successful business in today’s digital world depends largely on the software you are using. While certain things can make small business more efficient, others can be a drain on resources. It is up to you need to find the best productivity apps you can. Whether you’re running a small home business or you have an office downtown somewhere, the right applications can make all the desired difference.
Here are six important aspects to consider, when it comes to finding online applications that can benefit your business.

  1. You don’t feel the need for additional hardware.
  2. Most of them should be accessed from wherever you have an Internet connection.
  3. Many of them should be able to scale to your needs.
  4. There must not be a need for upgrades or patch installs because the company should do that for you.
  5. Most of them must be used by virtually any digital devices.
  6. The overall framework must be designed to increase the efficiency of your work.

Google is one of the most desired platforms as a search engine and as a productivity tool. G-Suite as a productivity tool for your specific purposes has been getting a lot of popularity. More than 3 million businesses use Google G-Suite products.
The cloud-based products given by google suite help with a line of purposes like collaboration, communication and other forms of productivity. Along with these tools, G-Suite offers a marketplace for third-party applications and products. They give users a wide array of functions to be performed.
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we are all aware of how G Suite boasts of a whole list of features. It includes many applications that eventually help to optimize a small business. For eg. Google drive, google docs, G-mail etc. Some of the most notable applications include the ability to effortlessly send photos and documents with a shareable link. It performs synchronization capabilities across all accounts and devices.
It also has the option to turn photos, receipts and more into PDFs. You are also able to post your comments on the files across multiple accounts. It enables a provision of feedback or commentary. G-Suite is available on all of these. iOS, Android, and Desktop.
The top 10 G-Suite applications that can help flourish a small-scale business are listed below:

1. Google Forms

It helps to construct your surveys and forms. You can send them to your business contacts, clients and employees. You can use it for structuring the satisfaction surveys for your employees.

2. Gmail

It is one of the most widely used platforms. Companies, groups, agents and also independent individuals. This is the highest “in demand” G-Suite app. It gives you free of a host domain name for your business.

3. Google Calendar

Maintain your schedules with google calendar. It becomes easier to manage your appointments with google calendar. Here you can frame schedules for multiple people of your company under a single roof.

4. Google Drive

An exceptional cloud storage tool by Google. It is disaster-proof and keeps all your data secure.

5. Google Keep

An underrated app of G-Suite solution. A more singular and unified platform for a larger number of employees.

6. Google Docs and Sheets

These are amazing. You should use them to get feedback. You can know your co-workers and co-partners reviews.

7. G-Suite Admin and Console

Used for management for all the technology in operation. There is least need to worry about the manual update. You are in direct control of what is happening around.

8. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is Google’s platform for collaboration. It splits itself into, Google hangouts chat and Google hangouts meet.
9. Google Slides
This app benefits in sharing data having a visual value. It’s an easy way to make professional presentations.

10. Google Vault

It is a more advanced option for G-suite users. It promises an effective information export and to set retention policies.


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