Travel Savvy

Travel Savvy with the help of these amazing apps.

1. Secret Weapon

The Skiplagged travel all is similar to Skyscanner, but it goes one step further and helps you find the cheapest flights, including hidden-city flights that other search engines won’t show you.

These are flights with more than one stop, which allow you to get off at the layover instead of the final destination at a much cheaper rate than if you fly point-to-point.

You can filter flights by the number of layovers, duration, takeoff/landing time and more.

The app also lets you select lowest-priced dates for travel, view fare changes, book hotels and sends you fare-drop alerts.

Available for free on iOS and Android.


2. Room Roster

Hostelworld is a booking app, which lets backpackers book a bed or private room in over 33,000 hostels, hotels and B&Bs across the world-from beach hostels in Miami and party forms in Barcelona to eco-friendly ones in Amsterdam.

You can search by city and date or use your location to find hostels in your vicinity.

The app also makes it convenient to access your itinerary when you’re on the move by offering views of your previous as well as upcoming plans, as well as credit card and payment details.

You can also create a travel wish-list and use the ‘My Trips’ feature to receive detailed information about future trips.

Available for free download on both iOS and Android.


3. Beyond BNB

One Fine Stay is an app tailored to assist you with booking your vacation stay and anything you need once there.

Click on the ‘Planning a stay?’ option and choose from a list of specially curated properties across London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, and Rome.

Filter your search results by punching in the exact location, arrival and departure dates, the number of rooms and the currency with which you’d like to pay.

The round-the-clock support includes information on how to operate electronics, etc. Available on iOS. Android users could download HomeAway.


4. Book Mate

Hotwire is an online travel agency that helps you book flights, rent cars and buy vacation packages, and promises to get you the best and most economical hotel rooms.

While the app throws up several results for flights and rental cars, hotel reservations is where it shines.

To start with, you get a discount right off the bat for booking online.

Hotwire is great if you often make impromptu road trips because it lets you make last-minute bookings or use its maps to check for hotels in the vicinity.

You can also check the status of your reservations.

Available on Android and iOS.


5. Map Your Trip

Livetrekker app lets you create a digital memoir of all your past travels on an interactive map.

The app tracks your journeys, marking a red line along a map on the exact route you take.

You can even add pictures, videos, and comments. A cool way to relieve your journey and share it with others, by email or on social media.

Available on Android and iOS.


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