Ultimate Traveling Skin and Hair Care Regime

Ultimate Traveling Skin and Hair Care Regimen

Damaged skin and hair post your travel escapades are a big no-no. We put together the ultimate skin and hair care regimen.


If you’ve been thinking of a getaway, it’s about time you get packing and set off.

While you’re wading your way through be it the hot and humid environment, heavy showers or other such extreme climatic conditions that might befall any traveler, we bet, you wouldn’t want to look like a hot mess.


Bare Minimum

Remember to cleanse and moisturize well the day before you take the flight. Skipping this method would mean exposing yourself to the dehydrating effects of cabin pressure.

It’s best to avoid your foundation and mascara on the day of your trip and instead stick to basics.


Oil Affair

To save your skin from getting out of control while traveling, hoard on an excess of wet wipes or blotting papers.

Don’t leave home without your go-to cleanser as a sudden change in cleansers can trigger a vacation breakout. And pamper your skin with even more freshness.



Keep a medicated lip balm handy and don’t shy away from using it liberally while on the go.

To give your lips a long lasting color, apply multiple coats of your favorite lip balm, let dry, and then finish off with a clear gloss. Re-apply the gloss whenever your lips feel dry.


Be Eye-right

Binging on in-flight movies or reading novels might result in red, irritated, and possibly watery eyes.

To prevent that from happening, we suggest you carry eyedrops that will lubricate and soothe your irritated eyes.


Touch Me Not

Your hands are carriers to numerous bacteria which in turn bring about a number of skin problems.

Before touching your face or applying your makeup, make sure you slather on some hand sanitizer or use an anti-bacterial hand wash instead.


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