Unique Travel Gift Ideas for Your Loved One

Shopping for someone who is a travel freak can prove to be tricky at times. Gifting a plane ticket would be very costly and avoiding unwanted stuff can be hard at times. If you are the one who is looking for a thoughtful travel gift to give your travel freak friend, then you can read this article further for some inspiration. 

Here are 15 unique travel gift ideas that would be great to gift.   

  1. Fujifilm Mini Instax Camera: Give the precious gift of an instant souvenir maker to your travel freak person. Give them a Fujifilm Mini Instax Camera that instantly prints the images. The camera is compact with a selfie mirror at the front which is a lively fun addition to any trip. This can be a fun choice to give to your travel freak friend. It is great for capturing any event. If you want something smaller with the same function, you can always opt for Fujifilm’s Instax portable smartphone printer which is a great alternative.


  1. E-books: Eliminate the bulk of carrying paper books to the travel destinations and help your friend pass their time on a long bus, plane, and train with an Amazon Kindle E-Reader. In addition to these fiction novels, you can even buy the full range of world travel guides too that help you in safe exploring of your favorite travel destinations. Though, we advise you to carry a protective case for your Kindle E-Reader screen.


  1. Travel yoga mat: This gift is perfect for the person who loves to yoga and workout even when they are traveling around the world. The travel yoga mat is compact, non-slippery, and tiny enough to easily fit in even the smallest travel bag. Most of the travel yoga mats are eco-friendly and come with a one-year warranty. Therefore, it is an essential gift you can give to travelers.


  1. Phone Charging Passport holder: During traveling, it is essential to keep your passport safe and charge your phone. You can protect both of them with the help of this phone charging passport holder. It can not only keep your passport safe but also can charge your smartphone. These kinds of holders are made of high-quality leather and come in a variety of colors with different travel-inspired taglines written on them.


  1. Travel magazines: A travel magazine can prove to be one of the vital essentials to encourage the wanderlust in an individual. A travel magazine subscription can be great for inspiring future trip ideas in an individual. Popular favorite magazines that can be gifted include Lonely Planet, National Geographic, Sunset, Travel + Leisure, and many more.


  1. Travel bag: For someone who has an edge towards good quality durables, why not give them a stylish travel bag that makes their travel experience amazing. Gift a good quality travel bag that includes features like water-resistant material, quality zippers, shoe storage, magnetic water bottle pockets, laptop sleeves and much more. Though the price tag of this gift would be a little high it can prove to be the best gift in terms of quality and usage.


  1. Airplane travel kit: This gift is a perfect fit for anyone traveling via plane. This is the gift that can make them restless, sleep-deprived hours of traveling in a plane peaceful and luxurious. This airplane travel kit includes a pillow and much more that offers peaceful sleep during an airplane ride. This can prove to be a wise choice to give to your travel freak friend. If at all he travels in a plane.


  1. Travel addict mug: You can give an interactive mug to your travel freak friends that offer them to write about their next travel destination. This is a cool gift to give your friends that love having a customized version of mugs. They can easily write on the mug with a marker pen about their next travel destination. Not only this, the mug is microwave safe as well. 


  1. Adventure map magnet: This adventure map magnet serves as a run down to memory lane as you can put a picture of your four favorite travel destinations here. This will be a nostalgic reminder of the memories you have created while traveling. You can scribble the location on it with the help of a marker pen provided with the package. This gift best serves the purpose of creating a travel diary.


  1. LED world map: For anyone who is a big-time traveller and loves to explore various travel destinations, this gift right here is the one for you. This unique world map is printed on a canvas that is fitted with the LED lights that light up in a flick of a button. This is the best souvenir you can give to yourself for being a big-time travel freak of all time. 


  1. Travel countdown magnet: If you know someone who madly counts the days left for their travel Journey then you can gift that travel-enthusiast person in your life this travel countdown magnet. They can use this magnet as the countdown to the number of days left to travel. The magnet is even complemented with a marker pen for them to write the destination they are travelling to.


  1. World on my bucket list: This cute and compact gift for the travelers is here to win your hearts. This world map is in a way complimented with a tiny wooden house that acts as a pin holder for several colorful pins that look like tiny balloons. You can put these pins all over the places you have been to or want to go to. Then, you can hang the map onto any corner of your house. As the number of travel destinations increases, the more colorful the map appears. This wooden map will help you keep the track of your travel destinations. 


  1. Leather toiletry bag: A person needs to be highly organized while traveling. Gifting a toiletry bag to that travel freak person would be a wise choice. They certainly need to carry toiletries that have to be kept safely in a bag. Therefore, why not give them a toiletry bag that acts as an essential during a trip. Most of these bags are trendy, stylish and also come with a strap that makes it easy to hang and carry. 


  1. Carry on luggage: If you want to give something big and still hold a lot of value during a trip, go for giving carry-on luggage to the person. This carry-on luggage is lightweight, high quality, and super durable. The person can easily travel around carrying this luggage. They are high on fashion and trendy af. 


  1. Wireless headphones: Last but not the least, you can give a set of wireless headphones to that wanderlust friend of yours. Nowadays, wireless headphones come up with advanced noise cancellation technology that makes your travel experience in any public transport smooth and bearable. Just put on your headphones and sail through the world. 

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