Unique User Experience Offered by Digital Advisor

Etna digital advisor is a premium white label platform for fund managers, robot advisory firms, and alternative investment firms. It will be of immense help to financial advisors and the elegant features of digital advisor are investing algorithms, user experience, and excellent customer service.
The essential features of prominent digital advisors are execution automation, post-trade risk management, margin requirements, account balance monitoring, compliance, and reporting. They perform reconciliation of account information with the clearing broker and digital advisor is multi-asset which features equities, ETF, mutual funds, futures, Forex, and cryptocurrency. It offers real-time access to API through account balance, buying power, positions, and orders.
The back office console of Etna soft digital advisor deals with user management, order tagging, positions management, and system configuration. The account reconciliation of digital advisor features SOD, EOD files processing, and drop copy. It can be tested in life environment with the simulated trading feature and it allows clients to try the app without risk.
The simulated trading feature can be used to create trading contests to boost a client’s activity. Digital advisor can be connected to any execution venue, clearing firm, and market data provider. The prominent features of robot advisors are intuitive technology, easy integration, and compatibility with any programming language.

The Premium White Label Platform of Digital Advisor

  • The promoters of digital advisor focus on the unique value proposition and they try their level best to enhance product offering.
  • They are powered with the unique objective of optimizing algorithms and improving the user experience.
  • The core operations can be streamlined using the Etna digital advisor and their team focuses on business growth.
  • Etna is an expert in creating enterprise-level trading software and they are pioneers in Fintech.
  • The market leaders in digital advisor provide technical advisory along with modern trading software products.
  • All of their APIs are documented with code examples and robot adviser helps to grow business by putting a digital investment experience.

According to well experienced financial experts, a digital advisor is a smart and scalable business application. It is an automated investing solution for lead generation, portfolio monitoring and model selection. Comprehensive digital advice experience offered by digital advisor makes it the favorite tool of small businesses.
Both traditional and tech-savvy investors will get immensely benefitted from robot advisors. A typical digital advisor solution is highly interactive, visually dynamic and mobile responsive. Banks, Advisors, credit unions, and brokers are the beneficiaries of digital advisor.

Integration with Salesforce and FSC

A typical digital advisor helps businesses to client relationships and they increase revenue. Another top rated feature of Digital advisor is integration with ZenDesk, Salesforce, and FSC. It supports different account types as like individual and joint brokerage, traditional IRA, Roth and Rollover IRA and 401K rollover.
They evaluate funds based on qualitative criteria combined with the preferences of investors. It generates a list of eligible active and passive funds within a few seconds in a highly structured manner. Portfolio managers use a digital advisor to obtain a short list of attractive funds and access to comprehensive information is the prominent attraction of digital advisor platforms.
New technology including digital advisor is changing the way businesses manage their investments. Digitally savvy investors find robot advisor as extremely beneficial and their users are comfortable with the web-based relationship. Individuals can manage asset allocation and investment portfolio online using the so-called digital advisor utilities.
A whole new category of online service providers named as digital advice providers has made their entry into the market. They have carved out their own niche in the market along with the traditional human financial advisors. Some of the digital advice providers are startups financed by venture capital firms and the remaining are subsidiaries of big players in the financial service market.
Most digital advisor provider interactions are conducted online through a website and these types of website guide investors by online questionnaire. The objective of an online questionnaire is to assess the financial situation and risk tolerance as well as financial goals.
They use a proprietary profiling algorithm to develop & suggest asset allocation, build a diversified portfolio. They managed it over time. Some digital advisor firms invest money in a mixture of exchange-traded funds and mutual funds. It is often pointed out that prominent digital advice service providers invest passively manage ETFs.
Some of the digital advisor establishments invest in a mix of individual stocks in separate accounts. They will periodically rebalance the portfolio to maintain the target asset allocation and digital advisory firms manage assets within taxable accounts and IRA accounts.
The minimums at digital advisors range from $10 to $100000 and their portfolio management fees will be generally lower. All digital advisors use their own proprietary algorithms to determine suitable asset allocation. The suggestions of digital advisor utilities will be based on the information investors provide. Investors seeking a disciplined approach to investing can make use of digital advisor providers.

  • Digital advisor is the recommended option for an individual if he would like to benefit from the experience of a professional adviser.
  • The users of digital advisor providers are looking to reduce current portfolio management in exchange for human-driven planning.
  • According to the votaries of digital advisor, it is a simple and affordable way to invest online.
  • A B2B advisor a digital automated portfolio platform used of financial advisors.
  • The digital advisor is more formally known as business to business advisor and it enhances the client experience.
  • The Fintech revolution has introduced lots of innovations in the financial industry and the digital advisor provider is a prominent one among them.

The digital advisor aims to provide easily accessible financial products at minimal costs to the users. It’s an algorithmic system which creates a portfolio for users based on Current income, user risk tolerance and time horizon. They manage taxable accounts and retirement accounts in investment portfolios mainly limited to exchange traded funds.
Digital advisor providers construct ETF portfolio and reinvest dividends and registered investment advisors are synchronizing their data with digital platforms. The collaboration in B2C advisor innovation has led to a new growing group of B2B digital advisor group. B2B advisors consist of a huge network of RIAs and brokers who are taking advantage of robo advisory platforms.


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