3 Smart Ways to Use Instagram and Acquire Web Design Clients

Instagram is impressive and is now the popular social media platform with minimum clickable links. Therefore, if you use the photo-sharing site to gain web design clients, there is nothing like it.
There are many ways to make the most of these links so that you generate traffic to your website. That is how you change visitors into loyal web design and development clients. You might be wondering how.
You can use the Instagram tools to create a sales pipeline and influence the influencers.
According to an article published on https://www.inc.com, having Instagram means placing your finger on the visual beat of the design world, whether it’s art, web design, graphics, product design, and fashion design.
For your better understanding, here are three smart tips use Instagram to gain web design clients:

1. Instagram and WordPress

If you use WordPress (WP), you won’t need redirect tools because you can design your individual and branded landing page.
This way, you get an opportunity to save on any monthly fee.
When you design a landing of your own, you can access improved analytics data that will not stick to a different platform.
Additionally, integrating an Instagram landing page to your WP themes designed to attract Instagram influencers and lifestyle bloggers is a smart way to get their attention, thus selling more themes.
Try this technique and you’ll be surprised by the results. If you are having trouble then hire an expert like ShoutYourName Web Design to do it for you.

2. Focus on analytics

If you want to determine where all the traffic is generated for your website, Instagram will not appear as a referral source.
You can use analytics to figure out how efficiently your links are doing.
However, the analytics provider will retain such data.
A link in profile, as well as link in bio, will expect you to upgrade so that you can access the analytics.
This way, you can assess whether Instagram is generating traffic for your website or not.
Besides, if you want to earn real Instagram likes, you can visit sites online to learn how you can achieve more likes and fan following.

3. Use photos intelligently

Instagram is about photos and visuals. Therefore, post visual content to rise above text so that users do not need much time to process the information.
This way, your fans can consume your content easily without reading through walls of text.
Pictures are worth a thousand words and therefore, make most out of visuals.
You can post photos of your products, services, employees, an event, or a behind-the-scenes look of your company.
This way, your audience can relate to your brand easily.
Make sure you use high-resolution photos to create the first good impression to gain more likes and comments on your posts. Photos also make your Instagram posts shareable.
Photos on Instagram take centre stage, and so clickable links are nothing but an afterthought.
These links exist in a couple of places on the photo-sharing platform. However, things have started changing, of late.
Getting your brand or profile popular on Instagram can be difficult if you don’t use the right hashtags while sharing photos.
So, the way to get famous with popular hashtags on Instagram is really simple. You just need the right approach to hashtags selection before sharing anything.


Now that you know how to use Instagram and gain more web design clients, try these tips to improve your client base.


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