Understanding the Chief Reasons Why You Should Use Instagram for Your Web Design Business

You must have just completed the professional certification courses and finished learning relevant web designing and entrepreneurship skills. Now you must be all set to start your own web design agency. But you need to understand how you could promote your web design business so that it gets the maximum visibility.
You must necessarily be on Instagram to boost your business and create overall online brand awareness. Your web design business could never attract clients if you just remain confined to your office expecting new clients to just hop in. You must promote your business if you wish to get noticed.
The greatest reason for web design companies to promote their business on Instagram is simply because they could get wider exposure, hence; get more visitors to the website and an obvious increase in conversions.
As per https://www.ingeniumweb.com, “When you want clients to choose your web design services you must learn to convert them from leads to loyal customers. And for that, you will need to drive quality traffic to your business website. There are many ways to drive traffic, but leveraging Instagram is your best bet. You have a large audience to reach out to in a short time. Though it will not happen overnight, you cannot take years to build quality traffic.”
Here are the chief reasons to use Instagram for boosting your web design business:

1. More Active Users on Instagram

As per statistics, Instagram gets over 1 billion monthly active users and it boasts of more than 500 million daily active users. 80 percent of the Instagrammers are not from the United States.
38% of the users are used to browsing the vibrant platform multiple times every day. Your business could reach incredible heights of glory and success thanks to a devoted Instagram strategy. Thus, you could obtain more real Instagram followers and likes.

2. All Kinds of Businesses Flourish on Instagram Whether Small or Large

With numerous users coming from various trades and industries there are huge possibilities for your web design business to thrive on this powerful social media platform. Whether you are a one-man show or running a bigger organization, it takes time and effort to create online awareness for your brand or business.
However, if you go on maintaining an active presence on the platform and following a schedule of minimum one post every day, you could boost your company’s online visibility and create a niche for your brand online. This is precisely how corporate giants like Adidas and Coca-Cola and a host of small businesses made their presence felt on this vibrant social media channel.
Instagram Stories and even the live posts are a great way of building support, credibility, and trust with all your followers and demonstrate the human side to explicitly, your web design business.

3. Your Business Would Get a Boost from Influencers

Influencers are supposed to be online celebrities who have the capability to promote and take a relatively unknown brand to the mainstream. A trustworthy industry influencer could help in boosting your business and could increase ROIs exceeding all expectations.


There are several critical reasons for your web design business to be on Instagram. An important reason is that you could keep track of your competitors and learn how they are engaging and interacting with their audience. You could use this valuable information and tweak or sharpen your marketing and promotion strategy accordingly. Remember no other platform could provide you with the creativity you are looking for as a professional web designer.


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