Wallpaper directs the characteristics of highly creative people

Wallpaper direct that either you’re creative or not.

Yes, you read it right.

Recent studies show that your choice of wallpaper direct a lot about your personality. Creative people have an enormous difference in choice while selecting a wallpaper.

Let’s see how.

1. Wallpaper Vs paint

Wallpapers may be versatile, durable and have a great deal of personalization, though they are not as cheap as paint and can also catch humidity and bacteria easily.

Studies show that most of the people who choose wallpapers over paint are more inclined towards personalization because paint lacks customization, hence it indicates that the wallpaper person tends to have a heavier left brain.


2. Choice of Colours and Print

Your choice of wallpaper for your home or office is also a strong indicator of your personality.

Colour Psychology is a twenty-first century’s, newborn baby. Deep research on the subject shows that yellow colour is directly proportional to creativity, while blue is to productivity and red is to physical activity.

This is the reason behind leading gym machine manufacturing company¬†Body Solid’s¬†soft-corner for the red painted exercise machines.

Though some studies also say that getting room coloured with your favourite colour can spike up productivity.

Maybe environmentalists should not think about any other colour than green.


3. Wallpaper with an opinion or sense of humour

Creative people are very strongly inclined towards white or black. They don’t do grey.

This means, they have a strong opinion about everything, whether its weather or the government.

Similarly, creative people also have a refreshing and different sense of humour.

If you’re a recruiter, you must ask a prospect if they have put a wallpaper at home or not.


4. Too beautiful to handle


5. The risky wallpaper

“indeed, Wallpaper directs the characteristics of highly creative people”


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