Ways To Use Instagram Marketing For Email List Catching Up To Make Sales

So, you have been putting a lot of time for Instagram marketing. You have been following steps to grow IG followers and pushing out the discount codes to get some more sales. So, right now, you are checking some moolah to stream right in. Now, it is time for you to funnel that stream right into full flowing and a bigger geyser of what you know as steady sales.
Well, to be honest, this wave of sales might come from two simple steps that you can start working on right from today!
It is true that you IG marketing posts are amazing but the real question over here is how you are likely to stick with the Instagram users who are in love with your posts but are not quite ready to shop online from your brand?
They might be at work or ay gym, or just waiting for the kids to come out of the playschool when your amazing IG posts start to flash right in front of them like a billboard.
They are really interested but thought of moving on. With passing days, the IG feeds will change and they end up forgetting about the sweet post you once had up!
Now, you have some ways in which you can easily plug that leak up.

1. Start working on the email newsletter:

Always try to make it super easy for the followers for Instagram to get the deals straight and right to their email inboxes.
It means even when the feed is out and obsolete, their goodies will be waiting for them to be used later.
It is surely going to help them when the right time comes to shop for your items or services.
Now, the main concern is how you can possibly start with the email newsletter, especially when you do not have anybody’s emails.

  • All these are going to work really well for you when you have a strong follower base on IG. In case you are under 1K followers, then you have to go through ideas to improve the number first before taking the next moves.
  • It is during that time when you have to pinpoint the IG marketing strategy for helping you to just add emails to the said list. For that, first, create one appealing email sign up based sheet and then entice the followers you have to sign up.
  • It is true that it becomes quite daunting to add email newsletters on top of a huge list of other things to be covered, but once you get right into a good flow and watch steadier steam of sales coming up, you won’t think about this work anymore to be a hard task. It is a great way to address some extra time for growing sales.

2. Ways to create an email list for steadier sales:

The current email getting strategy will head start with IG audience and might help in collecting around 20 to 100 emails on every post possible.
It solely depends on the size and even your IG reach. How can you possibly start getting emails from the IG followers?
Checking out some of the points will help you in big ways possible.

3.Create a sign-up form to start with snagging emails from IG:

There are multiple email marketing services available these days. For example, you can try taking help from MailChimp, which will help you in setting up a proper email list and then the sign-up form.

  • You have to log online at MailChimp and follow the stages designed for creating an account with it and registering your name.
  • Then you have to click on the “list tab” option available for creating the very first email list through this source.
  • You will come across a form, which you have to take time to fill it up. Make sure to check and re-check the information you are providing before saying yes.
  • Once you are done with filling up the form, for the next step, you have to click on the sign saying “Signup forms” and then move towards the option, which says “General forms.”
  • For the last stage, make sure to build and even customize the said form made specified to the customers out there.

Always be sure to address the fields that you might want to incorporate like name, email address, birthdays, zip code and so much more.
Email seems to be the most obvious inclusion over here.
You should also remove any of those fields that you do not need and which seems to be providing you with way too much of information, which you don’t want the customers to know about; not yet!

4. Focusing on the message and more:

In the message that you have provided, always be sure to add the incentive to sign up for some new additions coming soon.
Don’t even just ask for the email address but try to provide some discounts like “enter email and receive 30% off on next order.”
It will entice the readers to actually sign up and get the best deals and discounts available.

  • Always be sure to design a promising and appealing image header as you definitely need it now.
  • For designing the perfect image header, you have to use the logo or just any simple design flowing well with it.
  • Moreover, you have to be sure to match the aesthetics of the brand as well.
  • On the other hand, you can always use programs like Canva or Photoshop for designing anything, which proves to be professional, clean and with the right needed dimensions.
  • Next, you have to add the image to the said form with the help of a button, which states “Use Image.”

Make sure to polish the design for maintaining that perfect brand character.
For that, you can change the fonts and colours for reflecting the style of the brand and complement the header of the image.
Be sure to double-check to see if the image is what you have always wanted before copy and pasting the link in IG bio for easier accessibility.
You can also save Instagram videos of influencers/companies who are doing it right and incorporate their styles into when creating posts/videos.


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