The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

Most people consider a wedding a monumental life event.
Some people hold proposals to equal significance.
Much thought and consideration go into proposals, such as where they will happen and the time of year.
An essential aspect of engagements is the engagement ring.
According to WeddingWire, 71 percent of people choose a diamond as their main stone.
To find carefully vetted and sourced diamonds and avoid unethical, conflict diamonds, people should seek reputable jewel suppliers.
Shopping for engagement rings at a trusted source such as Ethan Lord gives people access to high-quality custom diamonds in Chicago.
Jewellers at Ethan Lord offer private consultations to ensure that customers get the unique, one-of-a-kind diamond they want.
Like engagement rings, engagements are unique. Couples can benefit from creating a personalized wedding checklist that ensures they have a dream wedding tailored to their styles and tastes.
A checklist can help eliminate forgetting wedding details and diminish any stress and anxiety that people tend to feel before significant events.
The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist
After taking the time to enjoy an engagement, people may begin planning by deciding if they’ll hire a professional wedding planner.
Whether a couple hires a planner or not, they can compile and store lists of florists, caterers, photographers, and officiants, and bridal and design magazine pages in binders.
The Knot puts the average wedding price tag at $33,931.
For this reason, it’s crucial to create a financial plan and determine who will purchase what.
Having a budget based on individual and family contributions can help people make affordable purchases.
While completing the ultimate wedding planning checklist, couples should make a note of who’ll be in their wedding party and who’ll receive invitations.
Typical candidates for maids or matrons of honor, bridesmaids, best men, and groomsmen are family and close friends. Likewise, loved ones are the usual wedding guests.
The Knot reports that weddings have 136 guests on average (2018). A guest list can help people choose their wedding day venue, as they must have room for all guests.
The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist
People should decide if they’ll have the same location for their ceremony and reception, or different ones.
In cases of separate venues, it’s convenient to choose sites close to each other.
Engaged couples can reserve a venue when they decide their wedding date and time.
Couples can celebrate their engagements with a party if they wish.
Having a celebration can be fun and relieve stress.
Launching a wedding website is a fun and creative way to give family and friends wedding details.
Couples can get a free wedding website from joy and personalize it in ways that represent them and their wedding theme and chosen colors.
Wedding sites should include the wedding date and travel and accommodation information.
People should plan hotel accommodations based on guests who have to travel.
Crucial tasks still on the checklist are designing, purchasing, and mailing wedding invitations.
Like wedding websites, invites should be informative and personalized.
Wedding invitation        
At the halfway mark, couples should begin scheduling times for shopping and fittings with the wedding party if they haven’t already.
Another decision to make is if they want limos or town cars for their entrances and exits.
Couples who want special vehicles should make payment arrangements and book drivers and vehicles, and book other professionals such as photographers, videographers, caterers, florists, and any entertainment.
As the wedding approaches, couples should have a date for their rehearsal dinner and book the venue.
Additional finalizations include gown, dress, suit, and shoe purchases, menu completion, cake selection, music selection, and hair and makeup appointments.
Couples can express their appreciation and creativity by having personal wedding favors made and giving unique gifts to their wedding party.
The future spouses should finalize the order of their ceremony and reception and touch bases with their vendors.
They should make sure they sent all invitations and keep track of guests’ RSVPs.
Staying updated on time, communicating with the wedding party and guests, following a checklist, and having fun planning and celebrating can make wedding preparation an incredible life experience.


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