What Career Is Right For Me : Best for Your Future

In everyone’s life cycle there is a stage where we have to take a decision of what career is right for us.

From early childhood to our schooling, we are habitual to be spoon-fed by our parents deliberately as they want us to understand very carefully about the dos and don’ts of our lives. They kind of throw us in the swimming pool of life and tell us we have to swim, but the real learning happens when we start adapting to the upstream and downstream of the water and gradually cope up with the surroundings. The actual stand we take in our life is at age of 18 years when we have to face the real world of people, competition, and career decisions. Before thinking about what career is right for me first learn about yourself personally, what subjects you like or dislike, know your interests, what’s your passion. Selecting a career is not a decision of small phase it’s a long-lasting, from the age of 20 until the retirement you have to enjoy that work which you will select. There are many students who took the wrong decision of career and get frustrated in the long run. Taking wrong decisions spoils your professional life as well as your personal life also.

So Now It’s Time To Think about What Career Is Right For ME? But point is that how will select your career? It is a very crucial decision in life. There are numerous things to take under deliberations to choose what suits you best. Many people took wrong decisions because of a lack of information and advice.

I will you some important points to keep in your mind while taking decisions related to your career and live stress-free the rest of your life.

I wish someone had explained what career is right for me.

Collect Information Of Your Interest

As we all know there are thousands of options for a career in which we have to select one which could be perfect for you. Before choosing a career you should know and everything about that field like what will be the future scopes, job descriptions, how it will look like in the future, or many more. Your points of thinking should like this career sound interesting or suits you, what type of work I have to do in that field, this career will fulfill my daily need or not. It is very important to keep informed of your choice of career than after collecting all information compare it or finalize it for what you want to go and what is your priorities. For example, if you love a 6 number digits salary and you will get a 5 digits salary then it will distract you from your success so select that career that will give you 6 digits.

Discover your strengths and personality

Every person has some strengths and some weaknesses to find out that take a pen and paper or then think one by one about your strengths and weaknesses and write them. The strengths which you have match it with your career options or the weaknesses which you have to turn into strengths by working on them. But before working on your weaknesses make your mind for which career you will take after improvement it may distract also. So select that in which you are best and your personalities suit that career. Personalities are like some are frank, introverted, extroverted, impassioned, or many types of personalities. Your personalities play a key role in your career. An example I am a writer and my love for writing is infinite if someone tells me to go and sell my products door to door then think what will my reaction towards them.

Take Advice From An Expert

It is important to know the positives and negatives of a career which you are going to select because these decisions are for the long run. For that attend career counseling, have words with an expert who are already working in that field, attend a local interview. No matter in which field you go there will always be a single person who is an expert in that field. Be free to talk to them about the related field, get in touch with more people and discuss your aspirants.

Work As Intern In Companies

It is a final stage before taking decisions to do an internship in companies of your it will give you opportunities to know your favorite career from the root. Before entering any field you should explore the foundations of that field. If you will do an internship you will be knowledgeable of experiences of the real world. Internships help you to know the reality of the job like it suits you or not, according to your taste or not and what you want. It also helps you make connections with new professional people and will learn new things which build your resume.

The Parent’s Role in Career Selection

Parents plays an important role in the career development of their child. Parents always want their child on top of the world in every role and want to see their child happy and succeed in job life. Parents should always help their children in decision making or career selection because according to research it proves that when parents share their concern and love with students they feel special and select their career very confidently. I saw many parents are not so much educated to help them in selecting a career but if they will support, give love or help their child then also students feel confident, result in selecting a more comfortable and exciting career in life.

How to help their child in career development


✔ Examine your child’s aptitude, strengths, and weaknesses.

✔Force your children to learn more and more things.

✔ Motivate them to go for their passion.

✔ Teach them skills of decision making.

✔ Gain your child’s confidence and make them feel motivated.

✔ Tell them to get aware of career opportunities, counselings, seminars.

✔ Make them learn about the reality of the world.

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